When all you need is a break…


OMG! What a week! Let me tell you, well without actually telling you. I have been through hell and back this last little week, where i could’ve quite easily hit the ‘self destruct’ button…(which was a fun button that i used to toy with in my early Hollywood years.) However instead i hit the ’emotionally hold it all in’ button…which i’ve found is not much better.

I had my book launch. It went okay. It wasn’t really how i wanted it, or planned for it to be…and nothing was organized to the point where i had to make last minute boozy adjustments, then tend to making the best out of a bad situation. I was kinda disappointed in myself. Therefore i did what any lost bunny, around good friends would do…I got drunk and well thanks to my gorgeous hubby to be ‘Keiran’ saving the evening…everything got busy, everything became merrier and well before you know it i was having the best time ever. But yeah, i have 2 more of these to do…the next ones will be done correctly. However THANK YOU to everyone who came. You have my apologies for it being a rubbish. But on the whole…thank you for your support.

Anyway, the night went on and Keiran, BB Rex and I decided to paint Leeds, ‘ooh laa.’ (The fun part of the night.) Lots happened and it was great. Laughter, love, bad behaviour, good behaviour, not allowed in clubs, Rex holding my book cover up to my face to get into clubs, then Keiran signing them ‘Chrissie’ (hahaha) in order for us to gain entry. Picture taking for the boys. Night time frolocking. Then back to the hotel, where deodorant grafitti, arm wrestling, peeking out of windows, skipping competitions, happy talks, shouty talks, socks over smoke alarms, then fights happened. We literally got thrown out of the hotel room…and I literally got launched out of it….in my nighty.

However, enough about that.

The week following ended up being the most stressful week i had ever had in my entire life. One of those everythings going wrong weeks, filled with tears, anger, wine, insecurity and panic. I almost got thrown down a flight of stairs. I had argument galore. Clothes were launched out of the house. Everything went topsy turvy…and well i felt so overwhelmed by all that was happening…and too much was happening that i took it all out on myself…(and Keiran) emotionally.

Then good times occured, where everything went back to fairytale. Lunches, happy family times, wine and love was shared, with our children and good friends…and you see…that’s all that matters in life. Love, family and true of heart friends. It’s all i needed to get me back to normal and it did. I mean, i have the most gorgeous daughter, who lights up my entire world, with a simply look and Keiran has been a Godsend. The perfect hubby to be. We’ve enjoyed family days out, laughter, baby Ruby time (who really needs to stop going in peoples wallets and giggling) and well  our bank holiday ended up being AMAZING, due to new fun, with old friends, who are deliciously hearted people. Keiran has found a new bromance with new found buddy ‘Phil’ (who wants to turn nursery rhymes into rap songs…LOVE THAT) and i have re-cherished with old and best (rather glamourous friend) Kelly…who i adore more than words could ever explain. We had a fantastic time with them…and it really perked me up completely, utterly and totally.

Things are looking up…

BUT NOW…i fricking have shingles! *Applaud here*(As IF i have been given the shingles. Normal people get given a runny nose, or a tickly cough. But no, God wants to toy with me..with the most pain ever. I’m currently in incubation. Completely sexy i know! UGH!!!!!!!)

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