When a ‘Spoon’ means a ‘Bone’


Okay! So, i’m still panicking. Lots is happening. Lots is being ‘silver serviced’ onto my plate and instead of doing the correct thing and embracing it with a glamourous air…i’m panicking and stressing and being all internal a nutty about it.

Now, nothing out of all the things that are going on, be it in my work life, for my business, or in my love, is going badly. In fact, quite the opposite, as it’s all going pretty amazingly and when things are all good…I should truly know better than to panic..as we all know that it causes a weird jolly build up on stress that just rolls up a ball of negativity and bowls in down the alley, missing ever skittle. I know that. know better than that.

But i’ve pushed panic button anyway because it’s my ‘time of the month’ and girls… if we don’t have anything to cry about, during out period…we need something to stress over. 🙂

Everything is going well and lots of all different opportunities are a knocking. I’m actually doing more than great, so it seems odd that i’d be this bizarro.

Instead of being a stress head, i’ve just decided to remain calm, deal with it all with a wink and breathe. That way it’ll all go well and i deserve ‘well’ because i work so hard.

I did the other thing when you panic and that’s organize a night out with a being who will either nurture you or you can have fun with. So, Saturday night my old work colleague Katie and I are off and about to party party, round our local town to catch up, have fun, drink, gossip, be bitches and love it! I’ve missed Katie and well it’ll just be really great to have some party time with her, as it’s been ages since i’ve even manage to speak to her properly.

Day job is great, Lashes are selling, Babies are fabulous. (I got to keep the babies tonight because Keiran is still decorating. Love it! They were happy and ate noodles.)

My love life is stale and not due to a lack of choice, yet because i haven’t focused on it. Boys just can’t be themselves around me and i crave to find the ‘man of my dreams.’ This is not a good combination when you need a result. For example, a guy has just offered to come over and ‘spoon’ and well we all know that boys don’t just want to come over and ‘spoon.’ AND i also know that it makes me feel uncomfortable when boys want to skip getting to know me properly part and just offer to spend the night at my home. I hate it, as i never trust them and well it feels a bit odd having a random gent, muscle into my bubble, just like that, as i’m massively protective over my bubble and well the babies come first….and well i come…well it panic. HAHAH. Word of the day much!  PLUS, movie night at my house, which just means boning to a boy comes much much later. I can’t do it.  I don’t have it in me if i don’t really know them. But as soon as boy mentions…(and this is right at the beginning of dating) that he wants to come over…i immediately get turned off him. Unless I know him already, trust him already and like him a lot. …already. HAHAH. If he’s my friend, then it’s at an advantage…as i prefer that to newbies. 🙂 ) and my friends are always welcome over, whenever they feel. M logic is odd, but true.

So, yes…this year is all about making my lash line HUGE and find the man of my dreams. I’m still excited for it and i’m sure i’ll be more excited once, i’m back to normal and i’m no longer surfing a monthly cycle. 😉

I love you all and I’ll catch you in the morning.

Keep reading. Thank you FOR reading.

Chrissie x



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