What Percent are You?

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You know how all these Celebrity guys are all stating that they are 20 percent, or 32 percent gay? How are these percentages being calculated? Lol. Like Olly Murs. Everyone loves Olly Murs. I certainly love Olly Murs. Be he gay, be he straight, be he both! But how has he decided that he’s 20 percent gay? Why 20? Like is he just gay on Wednesdays and Sundays or does he sometimes look a guy, think he’s buff and gets a boner on occasion? Lol. I don’t get it? This whole being gay malarky is getting more and more complicated and I must know a glorious bundle of absolutely gay friends…However not one of them has ever thrown me a percentage?? I might make them now! 🙂 It seems so ‘on trend.’ Lol

Other than that I’m excited for the new Mariah Carey reality. No being is more of a Glamour Puss than her. I used to love it when MTV Cribs used to visit Mariah, her home was always divine and her sense of humour was always HILARIOUS. It’ll be a great watch! Plus, it will be sad to see the Bruce Jenner, ‘I am Cait’ reality show come to an end and get cancelled. It seems that hes apparently not that fun to watch, or doesn’t have much going on, other than the sex change or something? Now that everyone’s gotten over the shock, we’re all like ‘now what?’ Aren’t we bastards. Lol.

I guess girls can just do things better than boys…as The Kardashians and their show flies on as strong as ever! I’m a massive Kardashian fan..and I would be wouldn’t i! But no matter what anyone sort of says about them…they continue to do well always…and even when they finish off and wave good bye to telly, they still would’ve made their ZILLIONS. It’s a win, win…and it’s just easy to watch. I’m a sucker for all that! I’m an ITVbe Queen. I love all the ‘Real Housewives..’ episodes, Jerseylicious, The Bachelor, (I want to be The Bachelorette,) The Kardashians…Dance Moms. Don’t be Tardy…the lot! I love it! Gimme! Gimme!

I’m definitely missing bumping into Lee the policeman. But I only ever bump into him when i’m at work. So although i miss his brotherly banter…It feels great to not have to be working today. 🙂

Junior’s currently being a horse and at the same time eating me out of house and home! We’ve both just done lunch. I’m enjoying the weather. Disturbed by needy people. Looking forward to seeing my Mum this afternoon. And still haven’t gotten out of my pyjamas. Bliss. x








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