WHAT IS THIS DAY! Help needed….


So, I had a glammy phone call an after that glammy phone call, everything went tits up! (In my world, that’s a good thing, but in reference to a leaky radiator and no heating once more, it’s another push off the ‘here we go again’ platform…as we circle back through to round ‘deux’ of dramatic bullcrap. Yippee!)

Now, i’m a girl. A girly one. I never know what to do when shit around the house happens and when you’ve spent the morning being stuck at a junction with no ‘you’re own fault’ petrol, you’ve just got to laugh the day off with a middle finger! WHAT IS THIS DAY!

Luckily, British Gas are great and within 30 minutes, they’re here, rolling about, fixing leaks, screwing on new radiators and showing me how to work things. I only half listened, because i’m a swine like that. I find it a little hard to focus when there’s nothing glitzy involved. The only thing that they have on me, is the fact that i will benefit from it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Kept me a little focused.

I’m meant to be filming Vlogs today. It doesn’t look promising. But whatever, sorting out heat for the babies is devastatingly more important. If i get a Vlog done. I’ll get it done. If not…then i’ve run out of wine, so i’ll actually feel shitty. ๐Ÿ™‚ But i do really want to get my Vlogs filmed, as so many of you seem to be watching them. AS IF THEY’RE ON OVER 100,000 VIEWS. (Boast, gloat, boast.)

I think I deserve a prosecco. Money’s been spent on awful things today, like new tyres for my car (the back one had a mini slash in it) and radiators. I like spazzing money on lipstick and luxury. Yet, the essentials for my weekly pamper have turned into ‘boys toys; and things i actually need. *Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

Today I decided that girls should marry boy’s boys. Boys who can fix things, drive you around, pamper you, pay for tyres and all sorts. I’ve made lots of executive decisions today. That has been my best one. I’m all for being an independent femme. But when you’re a glammy girl and you have to do everything all the time for yourself…it can get a bit rough, as you always find yourself looking around and thinking, that it would just be the greatest luxury to have someone that does everything for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ BLISS!!!!

But i’m not gonna grumble. Instead i’m gonna put in my extensions and wash the dishes. I always feel better looking girly when i do it.

I only have five more days left away from work. I shouldn’t really do a countdown. But i seem to be doing so already, so i must be subconsciously panicking. (I have the most amazing portable electric heater blasting out air behind me. It’s so good that i’m sure my house will burn down! Luckily, it’s got an attitude problem…so every now and again it turns itself off to calm down and reflect, but only when it’s got too hot. I like that it does it itself and that i don’t have to poke at it, to make it work.)

Right, i’m off for now.

Hope your Wednesday is being delightful. (I could really do with a jacket potato from Big Baps right now, but with no car today and no one to get me one, i’ll have to feel sorry for myself and pull faces. SEE!!! I can never get anything i want, when i want it. LOL)




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