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Odd time in my life really? I’m being ridiculously harrassed by boys, men and their egos (some nice to Me, some awful to me, if i turn them down) and although i feel very privileged, it’s starting to wear me down! Hence the vow of CELEBACY. Firstly, if i don’t KNOW you, or haven’t MET you EVER, then the chances of me being ‘yours‘ are pretty slim…especially if you are rude to me. (Go back to ‘Romance Camp!!) I’ve like literally had to bitch about 14 out this morning and delete them off my facebook page. It got that bad!

Men are dumb. They’ll try being nice to you, then they’ll try guilt tripping you into going out with them, then they’ll try abusing you to get your attention, then they’ll try to talk dirty to you, because they’ve misread who you really are. Pretend to offer you work. Go on about how much money they have. Or they’ll have no guts and just be ridiculously shy and never tell you how much they care about you. All of these really rubbish methods within the space of 7mins. And they don’t mean anything they’re saying to you, as your just a ‘prize’, hence why they go through 5 different methods in 7 minutes to try and score a date! They’ll try anything. They’ll pull a fucking bunny out a hat if they had to…then bully you into submission!! This is not the way to get me…or any decent girl of that matter. I do not fall for silly willy boy games. I know men, i know men well. I’ve dated pretty much ALL OF YOU. (lol. Floozey Alert.) I am highly experienced in this dating game!! I like a raw chemistry with someone..someone i can just laze about with and talk to about with ease, like a best friend, about our lives, do normal and abnormal things with. Like we could rock up to a red carpet event and be amazing, then the next day just go for a walk around town, have a bacon fucking butty and throw on some tracky bottoms. (I dont’ wear tracky bottoms! I’m just trying to relate to you. Lol.) I like a man who can stand the test of time. It shows strength.

Okay, i’m a loving girl, i have strong friendships with people, that turn to ‘love.’ Love is something that Men grow into. And a deep rooted ‘connection’ is something that you both will immediately have with each other, if they are right. It’s like a magical ‘UMPH!’ I don’t have these very often, but when i do, and i do do. They are strong! I am a loyal girl. At the same time as all that, i’m fun and sexual. I’m naturally a sensual being, but have an innocent playful ‘ooh laa’ about me. Yet at the same time as being a girly girl, i have masculine boyish qualities. (Bossy! Bold!Annoying!) I can’t really describe Me. It’s difficult. But i guess at times in relationships people become selfish and destroy the whole goddamn thing over nothing. I’ve learnt a lot from this and well ‘love’ is when you go through an awful time, you run away screaming, maybe even date a few people during this time. It all goes to pot, and then you rub you eyes, all exhausted and sweaty, look to your side and that person you initially cared for, after all of that time is still standing there. (God today is boring innit.)

Anyway, I’m loving, generous and expressive. I therefore like an expressive man, rather than a mysterious one. The young girls like a ‘mysterious’ man because it makes them need to find everything out about you, almost desperately. I’m maturer, therefore i like a ballsy, honest, open, yet romantic man. ‘Mysterious’ to me, is ‘oh he’s not interested,’ because i’m not use to playing a game. The older guys don’t at all play games. They get  straight to the point and within minutes. I like that! But a younger boy, will always be a lot less confident in himself. I used always make the first move with boys. But now i never do, because i’m a bit more scared to. (Issues much.) But then i guess, if you don’t? Then hows anything ever gonna happen?

I’m actually quite romantic, yet i try to hide it behind that good old rubbish sense of humour…as i’m extremely shy when it comes to romance and all that good stuff. (Makes me blush. Or i get insecure.) But i’m feisty! If you have a go at Me. I WILL fight you. (Hahha…I will.) I’ll stand my ground and yours! I’m not a force to be reckoned with. And if i don’t love you then your fucked. Coz i’m soft with those i love. Baby ‘kissy kissy’ soft. I’ll fight their case till the day i die. I’m confident, i’m quirky. But it’s because i know any man that keeps me will be the luckiest man alive.

The way to my heart is to be open about how you feel, honest and MAKE ME LAUGH! I hold any guy who can make me giggle, so close to my heart. I mean, i’m a good time gal. I love fun, merriment and happiness. Uuuh, i adore a funny man. I do. But the most important thing is to have a spirit that plays well with mine, be expressive, loving, and this may sound odd, but BE your fucking self!!! Good or bad, i’m an understanding girl. (My boobs are so swollen today! It’s the cold fucking air!! Freezes them like frickety fru. I need my fur.)

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  1. Exactly how I feel. Why isn’t everyone just honest with each other? I truly don’t understand it. If we were all open and honest all the time, we’d probably not all experience these problems with relationships. Thank you for posting my darling, always a good ready and nice to know someone else feels the same way. I love you gorgeous xxx

  2. Hi Mary!!!! My Lovely! People are terrified when it comes to things like love and romance, because they’re scared the other person will not love them back. ..lol…so it’s hard for them to be honest!

    But I think, you just KNOW if someone loves you. And if they don’t …it’s their loss.

  3. Love should be the easiest thing in the world, shouldn’t it? But you’re right, men (and women) can MAKE love difficult by either not being honest, or by developing expectations about love and deluding themselves into thinking those expectations have been met by the person they fancy or with whom they have involved themselves.

    There ARE women out there who are more impressed with wealth than with the man who has it. There ARE women out there for whom a “bullying” relationship is the only type of relationship where they know how to blossom. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. And far too many men fall into the trap of thinking that the ways you’ve mentioned are the “best” or the “only” ways to “get” a girl.

    I say, “Enjoy the person you’re with for who they are, and let them enjoy you for who YOU are.” If it works, great. If it doesn’t, then it wasn’t meant to be, but don’t try to FORCE something that isn’t there.

  4. Why do boys think i’m so silly to fall for ‘The Game’ of it all??

    I grew up emotionally in fucking HOLLYWOOD. I dated EVERYONE…I know men. It makes me feel like they are insulitng my intelligence Brett.

  5. While I’m sure you dated EVERYONE, you may have missed one or two while in Hollywood. You’re still awfully young, and the population of menfolk in Tinseltown is pretty substantial. Even if you eliminate the sizable percentage of men who prefer the company of other men, I daresay that there are a few categories of the male of the species that escaped your comprehensive survey.

    As for why boys think you’d fall for “The Game” of it all, remember that these are usually guys who aren’t all that perceptive. They place far too much stock in their abilities as “playahs” to be able to pay attention to who you really are and what you want.

  6. I hope ur not suggesting that i haven’t dated men from ALL walks of life Brett! Lol. I have. I’ve dated men of all kinds, rich, poor, weird, boring, crazy, hot, ugly, famous, not famous, sweet, bastards, homeless, ones with homes, models, actors, sailors, waiters. ..all races.old, young….etc…

    You name it…i’ve done it. I know men.

    It’s not just ‘players’ that hit on me…its pretty much every kind of man…but underneath it all, they’re all the same


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