What I learnt from ‘Irish Stephen’

Just a quick note that i needed to a Kitty share with you!

Okay, i told you about Irish Stephen, who is the producer on The Early Bird showfor Tease me Tv that i’m doing. (I do one another one tomorrow morning…from 5.30am-10am. Sky channels 901, 902, 912, 915, 959.) What a way to start your Monday!)

I arrived on Saturday and was all nervous in the dressing room. This was at about 5.27 am, i had Emma Spellar to my left curling her hair and was being handed nipple tape, as Stephen stood infront of me after i asked him for words of wisdom…well tips!

What he said to me amazed me, so i just wanted to let you know! He said:

‘Chrissie, imagine. It’s like being a magician, but one that’s performing a show on a stage to a whole entire audience. He picks out a member of the crowd and takes them up on the stage to perform a magic trick with them. Although it seems like he is investing personal time in that one person alone, he is actually perfoming his show to the whole ENTIRE audience. If he wasn’t then he wouldn’t have pulled the person from the crowd to begin with. Remember that!’

He’s words of wisdom have really stuck with me. I went on set and did amazingly. What i’m meaning to say is that it doesn’t only work for the Early Bird show that I was asking about in particular…but it something that you can use for life…especially if you are in entertainment!

Now go back and pretend you a young Matt Dillon look-a like and say the whole paragraph with a strong Irish accent! I stuck my nipple tape on, during my words of wisdom, then strutted into my *on camera* boudior.

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