What do I do?

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Wow! It’s devastingly early isn’t it? I really don’t think i’ve had enough sleep at all. Y’know why? Well, because i’m rubbish and instead of wisely thinking ‘ooh it’s 11.48pm…i have a meeting in the morning, i should go to bed,’ little Miss. Thicky decides she’s gonna sit at her window and bloody blog for hours on end, ‘‘ooh it’s 11.48pm, what a weird time of night…’ (blah, blah, slap me slowly.) UGH!!!

I’m tired, well still waking up…it’s nothing that a coffee and a kick can’t solve. I’m aimlessly flouncing around my appartment, all ‘Pussy Galore, meets Joan Collins,’ with beautiful silk pyjamas, a menthol trailing smoke and having my hair curled and my eyes opened, via the fine art of makeup. (Any decent girls best friend.) I hate it when people groan because a girl has ‘ooh heaven forbid’ makeup on her face. We’re girls!!! It’s what we’re supposed to do. It’s fun, it’s expressive…and well boys are doing it now anyway.

I’m expecting a good day today. I have an 11.30 am meeting with a Dandy at ‘Patisserie Valerie’ to talk about a little ‘something.’ I’m not quite sure what’s going to be said, or what i’mactually going to say, but i’m gonna have coffee and wing, in true Wunna stylio. I need luck. Hope it goes well….but like really, therefore all blessings sent my way or deeply appreciated. (I should really get dressed.)

Woke up a busy street and lots of lovely messages from you all. I don’t think there’s been a day this week where  i’ve risen to a ‘lovely’ message. Glad to see your poor judgement has got the better of you, and your being inspired by the likes of Moi. (Hahha…Delicious!) God, i need coffee. But don’t worry because i was once again told yesterday that i ‘don’t do anything but get my tit’s out,’which apparently makes me all dumb and tragic. (Awww… you’ve only just noticed.) Well my Wunna ku fung kick of comeback to that is, incase you didn’t seem to know…i also write a blog, the story of my life. Which kinda makes me (odd i know) a WRITER. Yes there are words on this page. WOW!

Now, am i dumb and tragic for having the ability to transfer my mind, my life into ‘written word’ blog form, for the world to read, in a somewhat humourous manner. OR are YOU dumb and tragic for not actually realizing that I do…(I understand. It’s the boobies. They’re great! Put your meat stick down and get with the program.)

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