What chu looking at?

Today has been a day of garden centres, craft shops, and cups of coffee. I forgot to get any seeds or bulbs yesterday, so i spent the day picking out appropriate things to try and plant in the garden. I ended up with only the tiniest pack of seeds, of something or other, but it wasn’t what i wanted, as everyone in the ‘centre of gardenage,’ was deciding to stare at me weirdly, the whole entire time, which made me feel like i was on ‘show,’ and couldn’t really shop for seeds. Therefore, i decided to play to ease the boredom….It was hilarious. I would totter over to something flowery and pretty, scream out loud to myself, ‘OH it’s so flowery and pretty,’ then giggle like a ‘Tickle me Elmo, and wiggle like disco barbie on speed.’ The starers would  would stare…. i’d look, and then they would avert their eyeline immediatly, like they were not even staring at me, in the first place. GREATNESS!! This went on for hours!!! (The game got boring.) It started to rain, so i put my sunglasses on and strutted off to buy a jacket potatoe, from a lady.. i’ll call her, ‘Butch,’ who decided to give me her afternoon dosage of, ‘Bad attitude.’ I don’t know what’s been up with everyone today?? Leave the naked asian girl alone!!!

Not much else to report, as i’ve been out and about all day, being a lady of leisure, sitting on my throne, and sending in my winged monkeys. Yet, I do actually have a line of greeting cards on their merry way out to the people of the world, (shameless plug) so i had to go to almost a million meetings, in a craft store today, as i pointed and nodded, at things i liked, and ripped up and binned the stuff that was SHITE!!! (Whilst accidently shouting, ‘SHITE!!!’) The main lady that is working with me, on this project is an older Yorkshire lady, and i think she said, ‘ere’ Miss.Wunna, if you say it’s shite one more time, I’ll knock yer bloody block off…..don’t think you’re too old for me, to put over my lap and tan.’ hahahahaha, smack bottoms all around!!! Yipee!!

Anyway, i just got back so i have to go freshen up. I need a bit of, ‘alone time.’

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