What a way to find it….

Gorgeous morning! I’m  feeling on top of this magical world, filled to the brim with a juicy joy and loved like any pussy cat of ‘party’ should be! Hurrah!! (I can’t even see under my eyelashes. lol)

Now, today my pretty winks of an eye, isn’t just any day. TODAY is THE DAY, i tottered into my kitchen, made a delicious cuppa cuppa tea, hair-tossed like no other, whilst surrounded by pine, window sunlight and spice jars, felt an *itch* in my bra, reached in and FOUND £150!!! I found a random £150 IN MY BRA and i’m not even a prostitute! Woohoo!! (My nickname in Hollywood, with my Gay friends was ‘Hooker’ though. 🙂 )

I’m so happy about this whole ‘finding money in my undergarments’ marlarky. I mean usually people have to search the sticky floors of any trendy London nightclub,or sit in soiled subways with a *frown* and a ‘B’ for begging bowl. Others will kick the life out of a vending machine in order to *slap out* a few clunky dimes, and the good decent few munchkins of the world will actually commit to this liitle thing called ‘work’ for moola. I know!! Who’d-a-thought?However, ME…Chrissie Wunna…Glamour Puss Extra-ordinaire…I have itches, tiny ones, then whilst rummaging around my left bosom, I FIND MONEY!! A whole £150 of it! I don’t even know how it got there? But finders keepers, losers…well ‘losers’ i’ve probably dated you all! I’m dead good at finding money. I’m feeling lucky. This isn’t the first time. I mean i honestly found approximatey £400, that belonged to Mark Byron in my vagina..and you think criminals have ‘fishy green.’ Woohoo!’

Before the money finding moment, i had been dancing around the kitchen poorly, (even though i do believe i’m amazing, when no-ones watching) to everyone’s favourite happy songs, by the ever lip syncing

2 thoughts on “What a way to find it….”

  1. hey chrissie glad to hear u are enjoying yourself lucky u one finding money in your bra im one of those people who unfortunately never find money lol. loving your diet by the way lol, i hope your audition goes well and those girls better see u as competition especially with the way u look its just unbelievable how beautiful i was so excited when i saw u and got even more happy when i found out u had a blog so i can see wat u get up to.
    Take care Beautiful


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