What a GREAT DAY! :)


What a wonderful weekend! Anytime to get to feel adored, have the entire weekend away from hard work, shop, laugh yet look to your left and see your Baby 1 tickling your Baby 2…to the point where Baby 2, curled up into a little adorable crunch bundle of ‘giggle fits’…you know life is great! (I also have great hair, great shoes and a working brain right now, meaning that i’m zooming forward on all 4 cylinders.) I’m really happy.

As a single Mama of two, I always makes sure that I have very definite one on one time with each bambino, in order to make sure they know how special they both are to me, as individuals and not just as one big old family group. This weekend, I got to do that. Ruby’s consisted of face painting, shopping, cupcake eating, Build a bear factories, singing, dancing, and utter fun at various play areas, with moments of cuddles and true love. Junior’s consisted of eating, eating, is favourite thing…eating…giggling, playing, eating, shopping, playing and giggling. They’re his favourite thing to do and now that he has favourite songs…(The Beatles) and his personality has shot through madly, he is such a joy and most of all he’s HAPPY. They both are. In fact, I AM!

On the guy front, i’ve happily shrugged off admirers simply out of the fact that life seems to be working for me right now. It’s all harmonious, lovely and fitting in to place and i’m in such a positive mindset that i’m beaming. You can see it radiate off me and everyone keeps telling me that it is. I feel lucky.

I need to get my booty off to see Baby Howel at Chez Wazza & Hannah’s and i need to get myself to Chez Goodhall’s to wink at Mama Em’s and cuddle Baby GG. I think Em’s is organizing a perfect evening out with Richard (her hubby to be,) his business partner… herself ofcourse..and moi. I’ve been soooo ‘raising babies’ and working hard if recent, that now the tough bit has finally been done. I look great, feel great and ready to enjoy life as it tumbles my way!

I had my mediation this morning, in Wakefield…and it made the day GREAT! It’s wonderful working with professionals, who know their job and love their job and can read, see and advise positively and always with good intent, after hearing both sides to a story. I’m extremely happy with the result and i’m certainly grateful for the safe guarding of my son and his stability. I skipped out of the offices with a smile, a warmth in my heart and with a happy breeze swirling around my very being.

I’m meeting a lot of GOOD people right now and it brings a smile to my face to know that i have such wonderful support. I don’t let the rubbish parts get to me, because I’m lucky to have so much of everything. The things that matter that is. Yeah, i might get the odd’not too lovely’ 🙂  message here and there from my former partner’s side of the family. (I got about 4 over the weekend. They started in quite an evil fashion, then ended up with them saying how much they loved me and how much of a good influence they thought I was on their brother.) I liked that. It made me happy and because I think the same, as nothing that i’ve asked to be put into place is of a negative nature. That’s why today’s meeting was great..because it was very apparent that i wasn’t the spiteful, evil ex, who was simply trying to hurt a boy because..as he stated…I was ‘still madly in love with him.’ (Men always try and use that as their story because they think it always works, I guess? I don’t know? He had even called the offices on Friday to stir the pot in what seemed like a troublesome direction. You can’t blame him for trying to fight his case, yet it would be nicer for things to be done truthfully and honourably, and not on spits of anger or moments of impulse. Once he gets over being negative and filled with pride, he’ll go back to being a decent man again. It’ll just take him some time.) I KNOW what’s wrong with him deep down and it’s actually got nothing to do with me and more to do with his previous life experiences before me. I’m just an easy person to blame for it.

Anyway, as I sat and answered the questions and explained my the situation through my eyes,  just the world, myself and the family law specialists, she knew….and well when I say ‘she knew,’ she KNEW that my heart was for and by my son and that my intentions were of a sincere nature and they always have been. It was comforting. and y’know, a lot of people say that after hearing one side of the story and once they actually meet me, they see it all very differently and see that i’m actually no where near the ‘monster’ or ‘petty little girl’ image, that others may try to portray me as and that i’m actually, in the words of another delightful lady that i bumped into this morning, ‘A sophisticated, educated, happy, polite, agreeable, young lady.’ #ithankyouverymuch

You can tell that i’m feeling wonderful today. In fact no..let’s make that WUNNAFUL. When something is ‘Wunnaful’ it has surpassed the art of ‘wonder.’ 🙂

I will tell you that i’m also feeling inspired. I get messages every day from you all and even my friends, saying how they’ve followed the blog and how i may have inspired them. But the fact is that i’m inspired by all YOUR STORIES and lives. You’re photos, your updates..your tales. I love it. And i think communication and expression are major things in life to be celebrated. The main reason why the Junior situation cannot be resolved swiftly is simply due to a distinct lack of appropriate, kind, effective, communication and I expressed that today. Timing is everything anf things happen at the right time.

So, yeah, it matter if i get hated on for blogging. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with me telling my story , sharing it with you and documenting my life, from my own point of view and the people who find it odd…are simply closed off or uneducated. 🙂 It doesn’t matter whether you upload a stream of video, a few consecutive photos, write a blog, complete a bunch of FB and Twitter statues…write in your diary, schedule in a work diary….everything tells YOUR STORY and it’s your story that matters. Life is too short.

Anyway, i read an article yesterday about dating and did you know that 79 % of  MALE multimillionaires(15,000 of them were asked for research) stated that when looking for a partner..aka…female counterpart, they prefer for the girl to be of a much less financial level and no…not for power and control…but simply so they can take care of her. (How lovely is that! Hardcore Princess treatment.) All girls love the Princess treatment…and yes you don’t have to be swimming in millions to do this boys.

HOWEVER, when a delightful bundle of women MILLIONAIRESSES were asked the same question, they stated that they would PREFER to date a man who was either on the same financial level as they were or EVEN MORE SUCCESSFUL than them, as the idea of a ‘kept man’ disgusted them. Lol.

I love being a girl! 🙂 (And i love all these FB statuses by my chick friends, who are ALL currently getting treated like proper Princesses by their boyfriends. 🙂 ) Makes me very happy. Women are beautiful and should always be cherished. We bring life and happiness into the world and we should be treated with delicacy, love and respect.

Okay, i’m gonna enjoy the rest of my day off and look through my eyelash samples. Life is good right now. Enjoy it, love and be grateful for all that you are and all that you have…and do it with a wink. 😉

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