Wow! Yesterday was busy! It was so busy that I temporarily hit ‘panic button’ laughed and reined in help and extra lip gloss. Y’see when everything comes at once, instead of in a flow like fashion of ‘natural,’ things start whizzing around you like a nut house. Luckily, i’m one to stay quite chilled and giggle it off. It’s only very rarely that I find something ‘not that funny’….even if it’s tragic. 🙂 (I’m loosely moraled, I told you. *YIPPEE!* )

But yes, i have a whole week of hard work and i’m mentally prepped for it. I’m lucky because I love it and i work around great people. PLUS, when you work hard it makes you appreciate WINE more, once you’ve hit home and kicked off your kitten heels. For a chick that’s meant to be some kind of ‘fantasy’ it makes me laugh that through my week I have a dead normal, hard working existence. I think people look at my fun pictures and ‘WOW..WEE’ at how much fun I’m ‘always’ have. I actually cram fun in once my work is done and being one who loves to LIVE…I hate not having fun. I’m all skin to the wind and cowboy guns. *Bang..Bang…Cocktails….But Work.*

Anyway, enough of all that!

Life is great right now! I’m really lucky and i think me knowing that gets me through life with ‘blessings and shit.’ HAHA.

So, after my random London adventure, things have been great. i think folk do things for reasons and those reasons have been placed in front of you by ‘The Gods’ (whoever they are) for you do add to your life story. I have a colourful past…we get that. But at leats i made it work for me. IN YOUR FACE. (Wish I could have a mojito for breakfast.)

Last night, when I got home (love home) I decided that I was going to Tweet like crazy and snapchat. I’ve got really into snapchat now because to me it just makes sense. It gets really fun. I’m a newbie to it all, so it’s still a novelty, until I can’t be arsed anymore. Fair enough, I get a load of random hero type Romeo’s who try and woo me by just sending me a video or a picture of their willy. (Tasty?)

Although flattered….:0 I find it creepy and it puts me off you. When I pick guys to talk to and well date, I always just jump right in and get to know them. I’m not one to talk to every single guy that messages me at all and simply because i just don’t want too. Lol. Plus, I prefer it when I haven’t seen their willies first! HAHAH. I’m playful I love a laugh, I have a great sense of humour….but you’re not even doing it funny. HAHAH

Last night, i forgot to Tweet lots. I think I put about 2 tweets up and instead did wine and chatting on my phone.

I sent a couple of snapchats and I sent a video of me simply stating that I needed wine. ‘I want wine.’

Then I thought fuck it and recieved a phone call and just did that instead because it was far more fun! Yay!

I was actually on the phone to this person pretty much all night until it was time for bed and the funny thing is that I LOVED IT. I didn’t even want to get off the phone. I was in stitches laughing  almost every minute and it’s really rare that you can pick up the phone and just get along with someone soooo easily and be able to just be you without having to apologise for it. I like it. I like it. I love it. I even look forward to my phone chat…Does that make me a goober? *Yay!* (A hot goober…whatever.)

My phone convo was great. I mean, shit I even got wedged under a cushion.

Me: ‘You sound muffly…’

Them: ‘Oh yeah, sorry. Haha…I’m in bed, under blankets and left you under a cushion.’


Life is great. We talked life, others, murders, money, boys, girls, fans, social media, food, love…made fun of each other and then had a giggle at the expense of everyone else. I have immediately gotten on with this person…so it is GREAT!

However, today…i’ve got work all day and do until five o clock, Friday evening! (Money, making, machine….in too much bronzer.)

It’s Mother’s day on Sunday so i’ll be spending Sunday with my Mama. (Love my Mama.) I have lots of treats planned for her,…even though she gets grumpy. That kinda means that I can have fun from Friday night onwards and all day Saturday and it seems that i’m all about random peeks into London right now. So roll on the weekend! Wahey!

Love you all!

Thanks for reading my blog.

I’ll be at the Uk Blog Awards this Year, so come say HI.

I’m meeting and greeting you all…

(Wow, I look shitty on all those pictures.)

But it’s Wednesday! We made it through the hardest part of the week!





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