Weaves, Boys, Love


And i today off work and it’s weird. I want a Pina colada for breakfast, but can’t find it in myself to commit to such a treat, whilst being in ‘not even on holiday’ Pontefract and it not even being noon yet. (I hate that don’t drink til noon shit. I very rarely do what everyone else/statistics or preachers say. Probably why i always find myself in trouble. Lol)

Anyway, i’m about to head to Doncaster to get my hair did. Ruby has just screamed as I walked her into school. (My school drop off is loooong. I had a conversation about it yesterday. Most Mum’s that i see on a morning just get to open a car door and boot their kid out. I have to walk through tennis courts, music centres, across golden oceans, hire a ship, march through an enchanted forest, leap over goblins, fight men in suits and simply to get to where my 4yr old needs to be for school. Then do it all over again. No wonder she tantrums by the time she’s at the end of it all. I tantrum. It makes me need wine.)

Other than that, i’m happy. I’m single. I’m loving it, living it and enjoying eye candy. When it comes to eye candy, i don’t really think there’s much to pick from in Pontefract? I mean i’m looking around and sighing, with ‘dee dums.’ There’s hot men everywhere, yet in this ole town…you’re very very very lucky to maybe spy ONE. I’m not used to that, as Hollywood, even London is FILLED with hotties in every little corner. At this rate, i’ll never find a boyfriend. I chipper and i’m fun. But nothing beats that feeling when you know you don’t have to look any further because you’re MADLY in love and that other part of your party, accidentally feels the same, right? Who has that>? Not me. 🙂 Gimme! Gimme! HAHAHA

i should really set off, as i have a weave to tend to at 11am. I’m knackered because i went to bed at 3am. Why? Because I figured it would be a good idea to drink a bunch of wine, plonk my headphones on and dance like a tool to all sorts.


I had a party for one.

Yes,..I am a loser….but a happy loser.

It lasted for ages my party for one Lol…and I don’t even care because in that moment, behind four walls, under the stars, orbiting the sun (haha) one little ‘budget pussycat doll’ was the happiest little kitten in all the land.

Knackered now though. Can you nap whilst you’re getting your hair did, without looking like you’re dead?

Wunna x

Love you.

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