Shit! Sorry, I haven’t managed to blog in a week! Sooo much has happened and to be honest i’ve just been working and haing my usual ‘around this time’ rash that my work colleague ‘Luke’ called ‘Mould’ today. However, there are times in every bloggers life…well…if you are classed as a ‘lifestyle blogger,’ as that’s the poncy name for it, where you kinda just need to LIVE. Then once ‘LIVING’ has been appropriately tended to you can go back to writing down the facts, as your tank is back to full and you just have waay more blog juice.

Okay…so WE DID KOOKY WAKEFIELD and we did it VIP.

Jenna, Jo, Danielle and I initially met at our local, which is ‘The Frog & Moose’ in Ackworth. I had an empty stomach, Jo, tried on my lashes, Jenna did Disarno and Danielle and I got pissed.

We seemed to guzzle down, shit loads of shots, rainbow coloured ones at that and then after sticky nut eating, we found Jenna’s Mum who was at a Private party for a sixty year old (Jenna’s MUM is hot and looks REALLY GOOD for her age) and well we went in for a boogie, more vodka, a cocktail straw… with Pineapples on… steal fest and well at this point Danielle was sooooo pissed (before we even got into Wakefield) that she was booze hungry and obsessed with talking about Neil Buchanan. I think people even shouted abuse at us as we were leaving The Frog & Moose. I swear boys act like they’ve never seen boobs before.

Our lift named ‘Christian’ came and we sang like Rockstars…shit rockstars…. all the way to Wakefield, to meet Adam, to start our VIP Kooky adventure.

Met Adam, time killing occurred and then we tottered over the road to seal on our special gold wrist bands, which pretty much meant that we were the dog bollocks for the evening.

Now, in my life, i have obviously been and partied in HUNDREDS of VIP rooms, booths and all sorts. Some great. Some rubbish. Some…some. And i’ve done this all over the world. (LIKE WITH LEONARDO DI CAPRIO, PARIS HILTON, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, OWEN WILSON AND CHRISTINA AGUILERA  in LA. OH and Andy Sugden off Emmerdale. 🙂 Kelvin! Wgo actually asked me if I wnated any ‘Andy Sugden’ in me? HAHA) So, anyway. i never know how a VIP booth is going to pan out. I just hoped it would pan out perfectly, as obviously i had promised my buddy buds a great night out of bouji’ness….where they would have fun, be the stars of the  event and do it all for free.

ALL I can tell you is that the SUPER KOOKY VIP BOOTH (and that’s the balcony corner section, above the crowds and not the little white sofa sections IS AMAZING, once the crowd gets in and busy!) We got there a little early maybe, as we waited for the crowd to get there, but it didn’t take long and once they came, they came in full force…

But anyway…firstly…


As soon as we walked up to Kooky, they treated us delightfully, and after doing the main picture taking (with Phil the General Manager) we were then escorted up to our little balcony, shown the code and left to have fun…with our ‘start off’ booze, which was a bottle of vodka, a few bottle of chmapers, a Malibu, some beer, some cocktail flasks, a bottle of Disarno…sparklers…just everything that you would want in a VIP area really.

Now, the VIP area is small but VITAL,  as it everything that  VIP area needs to be and that is OF IMPORTANCE.’ Kooky know how to treat their VIP’s and well…we certainly were given the upper hand and perks.

Once that crowd comes in, it’s almost as if we look upon them, like we own some kind of Party Kingdom…It feels GREAT!

The crowd could see us enough to make out who we were (as it’s our local club meaning all our  friends were in there) and well the crowd could pretty much watch us party and wish they were in there with us…and boy did we do it well! *Wiggle…wink*

To begin with, we were warming up, so we were all pouring our first club drink and having a little dance, having a chat and getting situated. Then we were all feeling merry and more drinks were being brought in, as the club was filling up and the crowd below were waving up at us! Then we were ALL on party mode…and well about an hour in, something happened and it all went BONKERS.

We were dancing like our lives depended on it, falling off stools, drinking, drinking, drinking, booty bouncing, swigging vodka and Malibu STRAIGHT OUT THE BOTTLE, we were pointing out at people in the crowd, inviting them up, waving at admirers, making out with each other….dodging glass bottles that were getting thrown at us, falling off more stools, getting more and more drunk, dancing like Hip hop gangsters and strippers, waving at people like they were fans (lol)  and loving every little inch of being VIP. It mattered. We were GREATNESS and in fact we were sooooooooooooo greatness that we caused some kind of massive commotion.

I have no clue what happened, but it seemed as though EVERYONE wanted to get into our VIP booth and because we made it look AMAZING. 🙂 We had people literally waiting outside the door and I mean a crowd of people waiting just for one of us to open the door, so that they could ram the door in and rush into our booth to party with us! It was that mad. It felt like hundreds of people were trying to shove their way through the door, to the point where security found girls pulling each others hair and boys pushing each other, and people were being thrown out!!! HAHAHA. The owner even beckoned me out of the VIp to speak to me and tell me that no one was allowed in the VIP unless they had been approved by us and they were wearing this essential gold band.

More drink was brought in…we were all on PARTY PARTY MODE now and it literally took 3 people to shove our VIP door closed when others tried to barge on it. I mean SHIT, we don’t even know how some people got in. Security had to come and remove them! Hahaha.

In fact, that was once of the ace things about VIP because usually in a club, people are having fun, but the don’t care. We got treated sooooooooooo well by the Kooky staff, that it made us feel important. I mean, if we didn’t like the look of someone, we could just have them removed from our booth. (Adam had that  happen…If fact we all did at some point!! It was great!)

More drinking, more dancing, more smooching, more throwing people out. More people trying to barge in and more GOOD TIMES! We were all now pretty drunk, but loving it. I think Danielle even spilt her drink on someones head by accident… HAHAHA.

We felt ace, but i did notice that everyone either loved me or hated me that night. Every time i rocked out of the booth for a wee, all i kept hearing was people saying my name and random boys trying to have weird meaningful conversations with me? They all apparently knew me from somewhere or something, or knew my friends or knew something or other? I don’t know, I was drunk.

My nipples spent the entire night falling out. Tip tape doesn’t work. Every time poor Jenna saw me (who was now drunk and the BEST SECURITY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, she was the GO TO GIRL..even though she fell off a stool…unfortunately Adam was stood next to her and fell off 2 seconds after her. AHAHAH.)But yes, every time she saw me, she was have to put my nipples back in. I might as well have not worn a top. No wonder all the boys were trying to ram into VIP, we made it look like a brothel.

Now, we were all having fun and there was a point where in which i looked around the booth and did a big old secret smile, as everyone just looked so happy and if i love doing anything, it’s that! I love having people treated to bouji’ness…even though they were all pissed, sick and poorly afterward. 🙂 But yes, I loved that moment where i looked at them all and thought, ‘yeah…look what i did..they’re happy.’ Danielle was booty dancing and pointing at the crowd. Adam was secretly impressed, as all his mates saw him get the VIP treatment. Jo puked and got felt up my minors…so that is always a bonus and Jenna…was drunk, yet happy dancing and laughing after falling off stools, as she threw the riff raff out with a cocktail in her hand.

Kooky is open for a really looong time and i’m talking until SIX O CLOCK IN THE MORNING. So slowly..well from 3.30am onwards people were leaving. Danielle, Adam and I didn’t leave until five o clock…but there was a moment where I looked around…probably at around 2.3o am and everyone looked like a proper pisshead. People were falling over drunk in our booth and actually needing a sit down in order to cope with more partying until six! Jenna now looked angry and wanted mixers. Adam tried to stand up but missed the hand rail. Danielle…was fine. LOL. I was doing a half hearted boogie with a nipple out, due to tiredness and Jo had done a sick in the loo.

Drinks were spilling. Our  aggressive ‘not letting anyone in’ had simply turned into sticking two fingers up at the glass window, which just meant ‘fuck off, go away.’ People were STILL trying to barge. Boys were now hitting on girls. I was being asked back to everyone’s home. And well…I watched all my party friends slip down that slope of drunken no return.

It was fun! 🙂

(I think i sobered up by then. NOT! The a good song came on and we all started booging again.)

Jenna went home at 3.30am as she had work in the morning. Danielle also had work in the morning, but stayed out, had her shoes on the wrong feet, kissed random boys and puked, after passing out in a SEAFOOD PIZZA in the taxi back! HAHAHAHAH, who the fuck orders  TUNA PIZZA, when pissed. I tell you what though…she showed up for work after getting in at six in the morning. 🙂 A seafood fucking pizza. HAHAHAHA.


So, i always judge how well it all went by what is said about an event after the ‘hoo haa,’ and it seems like I did a great job! Yeah they all got a bit too fucked up…but they loved it. I’m never going to Kooky again unless I’m in the Super VIP BOOTH! I mean once you’ve done it that way, you couldn’t really go back, I don’t think and juts chill in the crowd. I mean, we wouldn’t have the power to get people thrown out for being foolish. (I can’t believe someone threw a glass bottle at us. HAHA. Jenna was going to wham them with a cocktail flask…Even that in itself sounds bouji.)

It’s absolutely definitely worth it and well to be honest I think it was US that MADE IT WORTH IT. You couldn’t just have anyone in there and it be ace. WE MADE IT ACE and well to the point where Kooky said we could do it all over again! 🙂 We Christened that VIP booth and made it what is it! HAHAHA!

So yeah, can’t wait to do it all over…

(I’m on blog catch up, so i have three more blogs to write before you’re caught up on everything, as i’ve been out and i’ll be talking ‘boys.’ )

When you read this, i’ll be at work, as this blog is on a timer. But i want ot go back to Kooky and do it over!!! The first time is always the practice and the second time is always the best!!!

We were proper DIVAS.

Everyone felt rough.



But the main thing that made me smile was the simple fact that i’d sort of made everyone happy and help them celebrate and enjoy a really good time.

I know loads of ‘do gooders’ think it’s really shitty for people to be out all the time, drinking and having fun. yet to me, when you’re with the right people, it’s all about celebration, loving life and making memories.

Now, i’ve met a whole lot of people in life and what i can say about this bunch of people, that I work with is every day, is that they are GOOD PEOPLE. They’re great people and I genuinely love them all, as we’re all sort of different, yet interesting and we all weirdly get on like some wonderfully dysfunctional family…who drink. 🙂 That’s even including the people that weren’t on the VIP night out. It’s a great group of work colleagues and you don’t get that anywhere. In my mind, they deserved a good time and well I wanted to celebrate life with them and if i could bouji it up for them…i would and I did. In fact, I want us to do something AMAZING together every single month, that’s either bouji or luxurious!

Good times bring people closer together.

So THANK YOU KOOKY WAKEFIELD, You totally did us proud! (We’re coming back.)



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