Wazza’s Reggae Birthday Bash Tonight

Hello my Kittens of magic and joy! I’ve had an awful nights sleep. One of those nights where you lay in bed staring up at the ceiling. I had a boy on my mind, and i couldn’t stop thinking about him. Isn’t it awful when your thoughts seem possessed by a man, who you wish would love you. (Lol. I’m a feisty little firecracker of *wiggle,* I am, I am. Yet i’m human…i think? Bottom line…I feel….you up. 🙂 ) To be honest, i don’t really think ‘BOY’ was the reason why i laid awake in thought. Before i had ventured to my boudior of ‘oooh,‘ for a bit of beauty sleep, i had a ‘being’ throw me a stonker of a line..(words not cocaine.) A big juicy line of negativity. I couldn’t shake it off. They say the last thing you think of at night, is what you will focus on and manifest in dreamland. It’s true, it troubled me…and then i woke up to yelling. However, i handled that by flinging my pussycat covers off me, storming out of my room, stomping around like THUNDER, picking up a Febreeze can and throwing it at them. 🙂 Violence is the answer. Everyone pissed themselves afterward, because after a moment of ‘DIVA’ i always finish it off with a *wink* and a smile. Hence why i get away with murder. The old Wunna charm…I’m like a drug, you’ll keep coming back for more.

I’m in a bit of a rush today. Catching up on my schedule. Organizing all the meetings i’ve got to get myself too. It’s a beautiful day. I’m feeling delicious. However, today is all about FUN for Me. Tonight is Wazza’s Big Reggae Birthday Bash. (It’s hilarious because you’ve all been asking Me about it, like it’s covered by OK Magazine or something. It’s only a bunch of drunk aquaintances  from Pontefract getting drunk in a bar. It’s more likey to be covered by…shame?) He picked Reggae, simply because he knows not a single one of his friends chooses to listen to it. But it’ll be fun. It begins at Xscape in Ponty and then flows over to Leeds. I think the Favesham? I’ll already be pissed, i mean…the only time i could get dropped off was 1pm. Therefore i have 6 hours of the day to kill and avoid daytime pervs, at Freeport. UGH!

Anyway, grooming begins now. I love you all. I’ll keep you informed and well i can’t believed i missed that Gypo wedding thing on Channel 4 last night. *Wink*

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