Waving the Flag for REALITY

Well that was an eventful evening! Lol… Madness! Thanks for all you’re ‘We love Chrissie’ messages and ‘Team Wunna’ support! I’m reading all of them right now, and yeah it’s good to know that they’re people out there who wave the flag  for girls that aren’t afraid to ‘tell it how it is’ and take no flak from FAKERS!! Lol.. My Website was down last night (my sincerest apologises) due to the fact that it just got too busy and in a moment of panic thought it was tell us all to ‘F*** off!’ Even i couldn’t get on it and i’m ‘Her!!’ Chrissie Wunna ROCKS Bitches!! It’s HONESTY all the way! I just wanted to Keep Reality TV the way it should be….REAL!! I Love ITV!!!!

So i guess i’m gonna try and answer all your questions briefly, as it’s too early to be answering too much of anything really right now! (Where’s my tea!?!) To start with, it was sooo much fun, the cooking was terrifying, the drinking game was Greatness , the boys were delicious, I adored walking around dressed like an over eye- lashed Pussycat doll and YES i did think ‘Blondy’ and her ‘Evil partner in crime’ were fake. They turned it on and off for the cameras with great ease. I was sick of it, it was hard to live with and this ‘fluffy fake-ness’ is a quailty i despise most in people, alongside cry babies.  It was pissing off people i cared about in the house and i figured i would blow their cover…stand up for myself!! Just because someones ‘sweet,’ it doesn’t mean they’re genuine. ‘Sweet’ is a substance we mix into something ‘bland’ in order to make it taste less bitter.

Basically, I could see right through them and my Pride (oh the pride) didn’t want them to think they were fooling anyone! So i thought i’d tell them. (lol…Not always a good thing. It makes people cry!) Don’t get me wrong, when they’re ‘normal’ they’re cool…just moaney little bitches like the rest of us (lol..Note: i’m not moaney, i’m a good time gal, wink, wink) yet plonk a camera, a competition and someone ‘famous’  infront of them and they morph into these ‘giggly, evil, whack job freaks.’ I think the term i’ve heard people use on forums is…’Desperate Wannabes.’ (Who said that?? Hahahah! Not me!! ) I don’t know why they feel they have to be a certain way…y’know ‘turn it on’ so to speak, because people would actually like and have more respect for them if they were just themselves. Maybe they need to believe that more! Hopefully I helped them do that. (And that’s why they hated me because i was Happy, confident, cocky, fun, brought out their deepest insecurities and WON THE FUCKING PARTY CHALLENGE!!!’ lol) I didn’t even do anything to them! I don’t care what anyone says. You can’t go to bed when theres 5 hot bodied males in the living room. (See my brain does work when it has too.) It’s the only reason i stayed up really! Those boys were soooo delicious! You have no idea! If there were no cameras i would’ve shamefully scrambled ontop of each one of them…in bubbles! Slags rock! To be honest Flic stayed up too, she was on the balcony…with the champagne! Smart girl!

All i’m gonna say is ‘All you had to do, is stay up late and be social’…i did. Thats why i won. They couldn’t be arsed! (So they lost.) Oh and the reason why i’m not mad at Samuel, is because at least he had the balls (literally) at the breakfast table to stand up for himself, voice his honest opinion on me (good or bad) and say it too my face, infront of many!! Re-watch it, and notice how the ‘two evil munchkins’ think the same, have spent the last couple of nights slagging me off behind my back and being overly nice to my face…yet DO NOT or even DAREN’T say anything, because they’re fakey, 2 faced (insert any ‘farmyard animal plural’ in here.) They just pathetically giggle behind their sunglasses over a fry-up, letting Samuel do their dirty work.. I guarantee if i went up to them right after that ‘rant’, they would’ve had their noses wedged so far up my whoopdee. They just need to lighten up…have a little fun and not care about what people think about them.

I love Laura P, (even though i do think she shouldn’t have walked)  and Poor Kat had a whole part of her anatomy removed! Bless her! I’m waving the flag for ‘honesty & fun in reality tv.’ If i’m gonna do it, i’m gonna do it right. My favourite part, was the shot they had of me open mouthed and passed out in the car back home. Tragic! I love the show…i hope you do too as it just gets better. The ice needed to get broken. So grateful to still be in the game! Love you! x

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  1. to right u tell it how it is that blonde bird is a proper dimlow i am proud of u chrissie u ocem across the bollock and the bird who gelled did the mannor proud for sticking up for what she believed in. yiur gay pal didnt have your back did he he has gone down inn my opinion for not having your back if any of them have a problem fuck em the mugs u are the guvna chrissie and i got your back me old china take care treacle tada scratch xxx

    ye u are right he did have the jacobs to be honest to be fair to the geezer but how can he want to roll with that fragel i dont hit girls but she is the type u wana punch she is as thick as pig shit aint she


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