Waist Clinching


In leopard print, about to get ready for work. Baby Junior’s snoring i my bed and i’m having to blog, whilst lying o the floor, next to my bathroom, with a tiny light o, simply so I ca see the laptop keys. All this…so i don’t wake my child up. Rubes stayed at Pete’s last night. She’ll be narky about that later, as she always thinks she’s missed out on something (mainly gifts) whenever she’s not home. Most Mum’s…well my mum, do the ‘you treat my home like a hotel’ line. When Rubes gets older, it’ll be ‘YOU TREAT MY HOME LIKE A CELEB GIFTING SUITE, CHILD.’ I don’t know if i’ve raised her right or wrong. But i’ve certainly raised her to know that if she does something well….she receives rewards for it.

I’ve been working a lot and i’m i’m headed into my next week, after the busiest weekend ever. HOWEVER, this week ends on my BIRTHDAY weekend…so i’m happy. I actually have the day before my birthday off…so i’m happy, as the week gets broken down into ‘ME TIME.’ (It’s all about me.)

This is just a ‘wham bam, thank you Mam’ of a blog, as i really do have to do ‘getting ready’ and nursery runs, before work.

(Junior’s now up and moaning.)

But yeah, love you…leave you…totally have a bustier arriving today, that i accidentally purchased online after Port. I say bustier simply because it sounds better than ‘waist clincher.’ Gives it a bit of glamour. Plus, ‘waist clincher’ just reminds me of men. 🙂 Milkshake…yard! HAHAHA.

I don’t really need a bustier…but after Port…i really thought i did.

Welcome to my world.

(This time last year….i was totally in the forest!)

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