‘W’ is for Weekend

What was that? I have TWO ENTIRE DAYS OFF IN A ROW! Yes! That was that! Hurrah! Let’s Tango. Drink champers! Let’s play!!!

The thing about being a kitten, a glamour puss, a mum, a worker and running a business, is that balance is what you need. In the past year, as I peek at it, under the yesteryear’s rug…i did really well when it came to pulling myself together when life threw all sorts of jolly shit boulders at me. I managed to stay chipper. It was sort of like one of those crap games at the arcade where ‘objects’ pop up out of nowhere and you’re on a timer. Luckily you have a mallet in your hand and before your quid runs out, you have to bonk (not that kind of ‘bonk’ as that would just be messy) all the  ‘objects’ on the head, around flashing lights…and before they bop back down and repeat being a nuisance. (Can you tell i’ve had wine? 🙂 )

That was my last year! This year….no obstacles. It’s all smooth sailing. But I will repeat myself and tell you that it is important that you set goals, surround yourself around good people, the right people and stay focused when you need to be. Being slack is so 2014.

So, my 2014 wasn’t balanced in the sense of, I worked really hard..yet i didn’t play much. I worked hard and ‘Mummied’ even harder. It was great because to get back on track you need that PUSH back up to the surface, don’t you? I did that. I’m swimming it now and in nipple tassles. In fact, fuck nipple tassles. I’m skinny dipping to victory music. (You choose your own track, be it ‘Eye of the Tiger’ or the ‘Benny Hill Theme Tune.’)

So, this year alongside, working hard, being mum and doing business…seeing what could be out there ‘romance’ wise…(it’s going shit at the moment..lol..and i think mainly because i’m happy. It’s much easier to latch onto love when you’re devastated and lonely, isn’t it. It’s not healthy love, but it’s much easier. When you’re happy, but just become pickier. 🙂 )

Where was I? Yeah…all that above…and well this year, i’m back to being me, i have my little body back on track, the babies are a little more grown, so i’m gathering my sexy heels and getting my social life back on track. I’m doing it at the right time, as everything else is sort of in place. Mainly…the children. It’s important to always nurture them, yet the initial phase of ‘need’ is heavy and to me it’s a must that Mum’s are there in full force, during that time.

Now…a while on..I can have fun tooo! YAY!

So, i’m enjoying wine tonight. My Mum’s coming over to chill with me and do family. The children are at Keiran’s…(I’ve seen their new room and it is amazing. He did such a grand job. I’m impressed. But he always has impressed me. In fact , he came into my work before i finished my day, with the children and it was kinda lovely…as RUBY loves seeing us ‘as one.’) Then i looked at luxury soap that dangled off a fairy lit tree like forbidden fruit and bought Ruby felt rabbits.

I’m home now, in pyjamas, still with a rash because of my diet. It’ll be gone soon, i’m sure. I hate my psoriasis. I swear it hates me too. I have no idea what causes it…I just wish that i didn’t have it….ON MY FACE!

‘Hey, I’m Chrissie…you wanna date? I have a rash. It’s fine though…it’s just…… ON MY FACE.’

Nothing screams’ Make me your forever’ more.

So, i’m having a chill Friday night. I’ve already tended to cleaning and i’m i’m gonna do a bit on the lash line and read through a lot of the investment stuff and promo stuff. (Very technical with my terms, I know.)

In the morning, i’m picking up my new specs. I’m ordering more ‘eyes’ as I call them…you call them ‘contact lenses.’ I’m gonna chill a little, shop a little and then i’m gonna get home, have vino and get ready to meet an old work colleague, ‘Katie’ who i’ve actually missed, because i think that if I had worked with her more…(and i loved the times that I did) that we’d actually be really good friends. So, I’m glad that we’ve managed to stay in touch. We’ll get dressed up, meet up, have a drink and a bitch. I’ll love it! AND, i don’t have work the next morning, so I won’t get sent home HURRAH!

It’ll be fun. I mean, it’s always good when you leave old work places, yet still manage to stay in touch with the people that you loved from that place…that you probably now hate. 🙂

So Katie and I will be doing Xscape in Castleford (incase,you don’t know what i’m chuntering on about) and then whatever, or wherever happens…will happen. All i know is that, we’re both fun…so we’ll have a blast. BRING IT! *Slurps wine.*

OOh my Mum’s here! i’ll chat to you later…and simply because i can.

Hope you have an amazing Friday night!

Wunna x



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