‘W’ is for Waddle



Oh my GOSHY! I have waddled around the entire town centre of Doncaster (the lovely town that birthed me) like a champion. I’m now aching and paying it for it, like a cripple with a drinking problem. But, although exhausted, I kinda feel ‘workout’ good, like I’ve got a few muscles that haven’t had a budge a bit of a life again. Being pregnant for the second time is a LOT easier than the first time around and because you know what to expect. YET, for some reason i think i’m invincible this time, (hello ego) and it’s because my husband keeps informing me that I am. (You’d think it was so I felt confident, mighty and super strong. But it’s really just so i stay happy and keep making him his tea. 🙂 )

But yes, waddle I did. Up down. Down town. Around town. All over! And all with big hair, a beige faux fur, fur boots and a toddler. I wasn’t actually meaning to go, yet i had a list as long as a sausage dog line up and well i just figured if I did it myself and had one BIG day of errand running, i’d be exhausted, however it would get done. I successfully completed it ALL. My thighs now kill and i’ve been forced (if ‘forced’ means extremely willingly) to eat half a kebab, simply because it was for free. I’m happy though! I’m really happy. I have a little son on the way and well it kinda fills you with a glow, a beam of delight that you simply cannot hide.

I’ve been oddly busy. From the get go, I was ‘on it,’ bustling around, emailing, sorting out all the entertainment jiggery pokery, figuring out the new book, thinking about promo for the old book and at the same time as ‘awwing’ at my poorly, yet very handsome hubby Keiran, singing ‘Mr.Tumble’ for Baby Ruby and sorting out my promo packages for my new social media company that i’m having a go at. I didn’t intend it to be a business. I just wanted to see if it would work, because it’s healthy to firstly keep busy and do share your talents. I love a bit of entertaining, writing, telly work, ‘look at me’ and all sorts. You know that. But it would be good to sort of have a steady little side business a going also, i figured. A cute one. I mean, we will have the coffee shop or beauty salon…but my social media malarky is something I find fun. There’s been more interest than I expected, so before i’m even ready, i’m taking meeting with people who want my help. I tottered around Doncaster today visiting businesses and giving them my package. It was fun. I loved it. Therefore hopefully, it’ll all go well.

Y’see the thing about Keiran and I is that we enjoy to keep busy and we enjoy to make money. He is working harder than ever…but he has a snotty nose right now due to the flu, which makes it much harder. I was always happy with entertainment and writing…yet his manner is rubbing off on me and i’m beginning to put together every idea I ever had and see what works.

We’re both knackered. But we’re both happy. We’re in love and it’s just a magical feeling having that Mr or Mrs Perfect by your side. Although we rush around madly, well we are doing right now, (we’re extremists who either rush around madly or stay completely calm in luxury away from everyone…like Hobbits  in the forest lol)..we always make sure to get that ‘cuddle time’ in and well ‘CUDDLE’ time in Wunna land and in our little ‘bubble’ is essential when it comes to the natural and successful flow of our lives. We need that for fuel. We love, we laugh, we tease, we sometimes ‘hot it up’ *wiggle-wink.* To say we did everything so quickly, we have a STRONG bond and we have that bond because we did everything so quickly, meaning that we went through so much drama with each other right away, yet thundered through it like champions. Now, we have our balance figured out and we get why we’ve met, and what we’ve learnt…and it’s magical. It’s a fairytale. We’re lovely to one another…even when he’s exhausted from work and i’m exhausted from waddling.

I’m writing this late and i can’t even see. My eyes aren’t working and i think i need a cuppa tea. So much is going on that i can’t even begin to tell you what i’m thinking. Yet i’m very lucky and I have a lot of wonderful things occuring!

Work is good. The Gods, are shining down on me. Life is a sizzle and i’m feeling sexy once more. My three book chapters are done and dusted, with more ready in the wings, incase i get a jolly ‘green light,’ and i’m actually shocked that i’m doing well. I could always do with doing better. Yet right now, in every area of life (after from the ‘wanting to be skinny’ area 🙂 ) i’m GREAT! How did that happen?

My Linkedin Profile was also in the top 1% of the most viewed profiles of 2012. I like that, simply because i’m hardly ever on Linkedin..meaning now my social media is working for me without me having to work hard FOR IT!

I have a goal, I have a dream and i’m gonna get there. Oh and i’m taking my family with me.

After a big sleep, i’ll be in a much clearer frame of mind for blogging, meaning i can then be funny, sarcastic and smutty. For now…I’m off.

Love you,

Nighty night!

C x

ps, I am a GIANT preggo. I can’t fit into anything. But every day Keiran will tell me that i’m beautiful.Every girl needs a man like that and simply because it keeps us feminine and makes us believe in fairytales.


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