Vote for Chicks

Woke up about 15 mins ago, wondering why men sleep with prostitutes?? And i don’t mean, the odd one night bunk off, for ‘shit n gigs’ whilst you’re wasted in Thailand, (God, you’ve got to love the little oriental girls…we’re not really doing women,) i mean those guys that are serial ‘prostitute shaggers?’ Why? I guess they need to fill a void, or they’re in some deep emotional pain. I wish i could mend the hearts of everyone in the world… make them all smile, or laugh out loud, or inspire them. I do!! But i suppose i’ll leave that for some other day….i’m too hungry to deal with all that now! I need coffee, i need toast, and i’m on some new healthly eating plan. I’m finding it so hard to lose that excess chubb, over here in Yorkshire. Everything’s PIE, and all that i am eating is basically classified as ‘Go to hell sinning’ in hollywood. Plus, it just makes me sick. I now dislike unhealthy food, and i’m half considering being a vegetarian, after watching too many animals be ‘gutted’ for meat on the ‘F’ Word, by Gordon Ramsey. Jesus Christ, there’s no bloody need to shoot a backyard bunny in the head, with a massive gun, & within minutes serve it up for dinner.  (throw up) Go to fucking ‘Morrisons,’ and BUY ‘already been shot’ food. You’ll find someone else has already done the ‘blood on hands’ dirty work for you. I’m going off meat. Don’t worry boys, i’m still partial to a little bit of ‘trouser sausage,’ as no-one has to die for that. Oh and don’t sleep with prostitutes either. I spent time with a bunch of them, one time in LA. They do not like what they do!! (Just so you know.) When i talked to them, they were just like innocent children around me, that were never loved the right way. They have dreams, and it certainly isn’t noshing off a dodgey fat bloke, in a dark alley for a fiver. They’re good girls, don’t do that shit to them!!

God, i’m so ‘Vote for Women’ today!! What was that chicks name, ‘Emily Pankhurst’ or something??? I really do need coffee, my eyes won’t stay open, and i’m driving to London tonight for a few days. Thursday morning i have some ‘Zoo’ thing. I actually can’t wait. I just wish i didn’t feel fat.

Boys! I love you!! x

3 thoughts on “Vote for Chicks”

  1. we love u and all chrissie.; i know brasses dont like what they doit does upset u talknig to some of them u wish u could help them. good luck with zoo let us know when u are in it and i will buy it i normally only buy them when keeley is in it. i love oriental girls as well chrissie they are my flavor have a good week treacle tada scratch

  2. u will be in it he is male and u are a proper sort babe. the only way he wont like u is if he is an iron and giving him a shin wont work either. if u are going out in london deluded is at the house in grenwich it is ment ot be banging there or there is the warehouse if u want ot get your raving sahoes on babe good luck chrissie i hope u get it babe take care treacle tada scratch


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