Vodka boobs McRock

Wouldn’t it be fun if my boobs we’re filled with vodka!! You could suck on my nip, and get a luke warm shot….and probably for free!! We can only dream. It would be my party trick, and better than the other girl across the bar, who smokes cigarettes out her vagina…as mine is interactive!! Vodka nips, on ME! Dig it? I could do with a vodka anything right now!! lol.. Plus who wants to smoke cigarettes out of their Vagina??? Yeah like no-one, it’s soo anti-social! Plus, i don’t need my Vagina to smell anymore like cigarettes thankyou…hahaha! (Mucky mare time.) I feel so dirty minded right now, and i’m unsure as to why, but it’s fun!! I think i’m a pervvy old man, who scratches his nuts, that’s cleverly disguised as an asian hussy. I’m just a sexual girl. I love feeling sexual, looking sexual, and even typing the word sexual!! Yep, it’s gross, but once again…FUN!! S-E-X-U-A-L!! If you’re not sexy then what are you?? I don’t understand?? You should enjoy being flirty & dirty, especially if you’re a woman and not ‘tut-tut-tut’ at it!! I’m playful, and being the way i am, is all about being naughty, and not the ‘stuck up, did i wear my chastity belt, and cover up my clevage today..oh fuck did the neighbours see..’ kind of girl??

I should have a vodka?

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