Video Profile No. 5


Here we are again with the another delicious Video profile. I did a 5hr interview with the lovely Martin Kay, a mastermind at getting info out of people and well this little segement of ‘get to know me better’ is all about that old Mikey Ray. People ask me about him all the time, as did Martin for a loooong time (lol) therefore i figure i’d tell you a little bit of what went on. Note: it’s only a LITTLE bit, as our relationship was far too amazing to share…and too much went on really for me to blurt out. Mot of you know anyway. Please do click through my blog and watch the other profiles if u fancy or if ya bored…i talk you through my current life and well it’s the best way to get to know me, if u don’t already. I’m an honest girl, much to my defect. But i’m also quite good at lying…again much to my defect. I that even the right fucking word???

Anyway i’m doing  major blogathon today, because i’ve missed it….You’re gonna have to keep up the pace. The queen of Greatness is so back.

Enjoy my lovers!!

16 thoughts on “Video Profile No. 5”

  1. I love the video profiles! Im gunna save it till later to watch for a treat!! Glad your back. This is what you do best, this is what has amde you, i thoguht ud turned ur back on it. Nice to see you back bitch!! xx

  2. I accidently got side tracked away from it…i like had zero time. Then a little girl in a shopping centre got pissed off at me for not making time…and i thought fuck it….i’m a twat, a blogger and theres a whole world out there that needs to enjoy my tragic life

  3. fucking good chrissie i cant wait till u mug me of again i have missed it coz u make me think more and u are nearly making me a more broadminded person

  4. Awwww, it’s like you guys are secret soulmates or something. That’s adorable. Glad to see you back in the game! I love you millions sexy lady xoxo

  5. are not repply to me, because? i am very interesting to you when ever. i like to your pic and than i can see your pic every day..that in foolish me.thank

  6. ma ma chrissie….i can’t sleeping every night,that is started looking for your pic. my eyes in your heart in your mind in your case.what about i can do my future way. please sent your photos for me with my gmail .thank for repply to me. whenever to be success your future i can pray by God….chrissie lover (or) crazy chrissie…


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