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This is the 3rd part of my interview with Martin Kay…(a wonderful man who waves the flag for the Ultimate Glamour Puss, & therefore wanted to know more about Me) I’m talking about the ‘Paris Hilton’ show, How people view me, and the place that made me…Hollywood.

People have this weird misconception about Hollywood and the people in it. They believe it is one giant place of superficial fakers, who have no concept on reality. WRONG!! (I mean there are people like that there, but there’s people like that EVERYWHERE. Infact i even hear people who have never been to Hollywood tell Me what it’s like…which is random. Everyone knows a different Hollywood. There’s the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor, all residing under one enormous white sign. There’s a buzz in the air. It’s alive.

There are areas that are plastic and showbizzy.. yeah. But there are also areas that are artsy, earthy and colourful. There are areas that are ‘hood’ and areas hidden in mountains. There are worlds hidden within worlds in that town and well…i’ve explored most of them. It has amazing depth and filled with the misfits of the world who want to make things happen. I LOVE it. It really made me the person that i am today and i’m really proud of who I am. It’s a small town. I know it like the back of my hand.

Recently i had someone wrongly judge my character…which i think is a terrible thing to do anyway. People are people and well in my mind it’s wrong to ‘bully’ someone down to make yourself feel better about yourself. Instead of trying to make someone feel weak for one second to feel powerful, concentrate on learning from the ones that are ‘strong.’ I have incredible ‘Bounce back’ ability because i know my worth and myself, why i’m here and the talent that i have. No-one can take that away from me. I’ve inspired loadsof people and i’m gonna continue to do so. I’m firey. I’m a human dynamo and i’ve been weak over the last week or so, yet if someone is what i like to say ‘Greatness’ (lol) then their strength (that often people are jealous of,) will always rocket through. I’m done proving myself to negative people. I don’t need to & i don’t have time for them. I’m doing great. I’ve finally filled up & feel powerful again. It’s a wonderful time right now. It’s like a switch has just ‘clicked.’

I’ve done really well in life and i’m going from strength to strength in my career by the day. (I mean i have a 34 page contract sitting on my knee right now, that i’m having to intial and sign for the next 2 hours.) I can’t have done that much wrong, right? Today, i’m book writing, shopping and going for a much needed massage. I need to pamper.

Hope you love the video…

7 thoughts on “Video Profile No 3”

  1. I don’t know who on this planet can call you a bad influence on anyone to be honest. I’m 16 so I don’t know if I class as a ‘young girl’ but you’ve done nothing but inspire me through your words. Sometimes I wake up feeling so shit about life and then I’ll read your latest blogs and you’ve got the most amazing attitude towards life. Truly inspires me. You’re always so strong as well. And you’ve told me to keep following my dreams most importantly. Bottom line is- ignore the twats that tell you you’re a bad influence Chrissie! You’re nothing but greatness! Love you! Sorry I rambled!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Mary- Girls like you are the reason i continue writing this blog. I love you and your message truely meant so much to me. I nearly cried when i read it. You are lovely!! And make my time on this earth worthwhile.
    No matter what happens in your life, or anyones life…know that it’s not what occurs (be it bad) it’s how one recovers from it!! If someone loves you, they will always be there for you, even through your worst. Make sure you have fun…people always forget too. Learn from your mistakes, give second chances….And always remember that dreams come true!!!! EVERY day!!!

  3. Chrissie, that’s adorable. You’re a gem!! Literally a star to be honest! I nearly teared up myself at your response, that’s one of the nicest messages I’ve actually ever had!! Never stop being you! I truly can see that you’re a sensitive, loving, caring, funny and amazing person!! And never let anyone bring you down. No one is worth it darling!! Keep writing your blogs, and I’ll continue to read daily!! I actually love you!! Thank you SO much once again for all your kind words.


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