Video Profile 6 (Part 1)


Well here we are again my little dumplings of ‘Pump.’ *Hair toss-Pout.* I’m actually working harder than i thought i would be today, for a girl that is meant to be resting. This ‘IT’ girl, Queen of drunken Greatness, Glamour pussy , *wink wink* marlarky, has turned into a full time, long hours much job.  I’m loving it. I’m feeling lucky! How nice is the weather today! Woohoo! *Wiggle*

Like a lot of you know, i did a 5 hour interview session, with the  fabulous Martin Kay, who wanted to know what made this little Kitty cat, tick. I rambled on so much, that it had to get turned into a series of ‘video profiles.’ You’ve seen 1 to 5…which covered my life, being on the ‘Paris Hilton British best friend’ show, my ex-marriage, my views on life, people, me and the world. I covered my time growing up in Hollywood, acting, modelling, and basic jiggery pokery. Now we have Profile 6….(hahah.) It had to be done in two parts, because it seems my rambling is pretty decent for a floozey of deliciousness.

This is part one…. 🙂 Welcome to Me being Baaaad to the Bone!

2 thoughts on “Video Profile 6 (Part 1)”

  1. Hi ya! Hope things are great. Watched this video sometime today! Yeah it was just nuts they should not have put you in jail just for some excuse like that. Anyhow could tell by this that Yes you are very intelligent and love your brit accent. Sounds a little different though can tell you have been a few places in time. Cheers.

  2. Hi! Yeah it’s a funny story and although i hated it happening…i’m glad it ended up being nothing and simply a fun story to tell. Haha. I do get myself into trouble. LOL
    I went out to a bar that night, NOT KNOWING that when i got home, i’d be getting arrested by 5 police men and being in prison for the next 4 days lol


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