Va Voom my honeys!

Okay, todays a day of positive thinking. I’ve been up very early to fit in a last minute shoot, and if it wasn’t for the fine art of ‘positive thinking,’ and the fine art of brewing coffee, i don’t think i could’ve quite got through it, as a ‘Asian Goddess,’- i believe that, was the theme of the morning!!! What was your theme??

I’ve started to pull myself together, and get my life back in order, after laying back and simply enjoying the ride. I’m trying to be as productive as i can, and you know what, thats all it really takes. I wrote a ‘To do’ list, this morning, and i’ve managed to get it ALL done before 2pm, which is amazing since, i’ve been eyeing up these minor projects, and ‘Thinking’ about doing them, for approx. a week  now…hahaa. Therefore, believe me when i say, to get productive, and be productive, all you really have to do, is spend less time ‘thinking’ about doing it, and more time just getting up and DOING it.

I was kind of spurred on by some, lets say, ‘bitter sweet’ news, i recieved from a chappie in LA, last night. You know, it’s that news, that’s SO good, yet has a side to it that stings like a Mother F*****!! Yet, instead of letting it get to me, ( I couldn’t, I had to work,) i simply filed it under,’ Good times,’ grabbed my best thong, and heels, and strutted off to be an Asian Goddess!!

I guess this blog, is mainly to inspire people, who have so much potential, yet are sitting on their ass, and really not putting their great potential at play!! You can’t win the game,if you are too lazy to play it. And i’ll pretty much play anything! (cough**pink trombone**cough.)

So believe in yourself, FUCK what anybody else thinks, and march forward army strong!! YOU can do ANYTHING u wish too, and achieve ANYTHING you so desire. Every single person who has made something of themselves today, has had a time, when they did not believe they could DO IT. Yet, they jumped back on that pony ( ride it champion), and shimmied on, up the ladder of GREATNESS and with Va Voom!!

So find YOUR Va Voom, no matter how impossible it may seem, and maybe you too, can get your muffins out for a living, and turn your two love humps, into money making machines!!! hahahahaha

Have a great day!! I’m SO Dr.Phil right now, i love it!!

2 thoughts on “Va Voom my honeys!”

  1. That’s a very inspirational blog, Chrissie! But i’m left with the image of you as Dr Phil – I don’t think a bald pate & moustache would suit you! 😀

    oh and by the way: PISSED myself laughing at the ‘pink trombone’ remark! hahaha

    love ya!

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