‘V’ is for Valentines

Happy Monday, Dolls!

Right, this time last week, I was moaning because I was all lonely and single and was really going to miss being spoilt rotten on Valentines day, all in the name of true love, lust or romance. I still hate that i don’t have a Valentine, or anyone who is open, brave, bold or romantic enough to surprise me with lovely gestures of ‘ooooh,’ that make my eyes smile and my heart skip a beat. I also don’t think it’s bad for girls to have a moan that they’re single on Valentines day and wish they had someone to adore them. We’re chicks. It’s perfectly acceptable. So, all the folks giving it the ‘it’s just another day/Sick of people rambling on about how they’re depressed and single on Valentines’ Facebook status should gear up to Cupid, grab a wine and open up their hearts. Love isn’t so bad and in my mind if you can have it…why not snatch it up with both hands fast and swirl in it madly. PLUS, be it a Hallmark holiday or a true day of romance….it makes no difference. In my mind, any day where in which people are encouraged to celebrate love, is a good day…and i’m fucking SINGLE and miserable. πŸ™‚

So yes, at the weekend, all of you who have wonderful partners, admirers or someone who cares for you deeply, will be showered with…


It does make me feel really jealous, because i’m inner Princess is dying to be truly loved and well, lets just say, tottering around merrily is wonderful, until I run into some giant VALENTINES DAY stand, filled with choccies, roses, champers and everything else that others will be purchasing for the one that they love. πŸ™ I am such a love bunny, that it actually makes me feel REALLY sad. Not even joking. LOL. I’m that much of a ‘goober.’

Anyway, what I wanted to say to you, was that this time last week, whilst I work, I was having general banter with Danielle, a girl that I work with, who I pretty much adore. She makes a good friend, a good lot of fun and is pretty much a glamour puss, which as we know I ADORE.

So, we’re making bacon and chatting. I think I was moaning about love and having no Valentines, like I do, when i’m miserable? ANYWAY, Danielle (who claims to be used to having no Valentines date,) suggests we make the most of our singledom and hit the town for a bit of love and ‘razzle dazzle.’ YES! YOU HEARD!

I ofcourse, immediately agree and then that was it! Within seconds, we were planning our outfits and talking about boys! We’d never been so excited!!

So, now i’m not so glum! I’m happy. I mean what is more GIRL POWER than strutting ourselves out and about in the name of ‘party, party,’ making our OWN FUN and finding our OWN BIT OF LOVE. πŸ˜‰

Instead of weeping to sad love songs and watching shit Valentines movies on the telly…we’ll be plonking on our

Slipping into our…

AND….our champagne bottles will be going like….

I guess, it’s what I call making the best out of life, singledom and love. πŸ™‚


Ofcourse, it seems that I can’t do anything by halves and my inner luxury gets the better of me….(I’m good like that and an ace chica to be around if you enjoy the finer things in life.)

Our regular night out around Wakefield (our nearest busy town) where we well go around a few bars and totally venture to Kooky….just got boujied up!

I figured, if we’re going to do fun…lets do fun. If we’re going to do GIRL POWER, lets do it with bells on. So, after an email and a phone call it seems we now have the SUPER KOOKY VIP BOOTH, the best VIP booth in town that is, πŸ™‚ the one that everyone wishes they were in, that shimmies on top of the main dance door and not only that and the fact that our Booth has it’s on coded door, security and we can have up to 12 people in it….who will be given gold wrist bands if we like them…:) Β We will also be indulging in vodka, giant cocktails, sparkly sparkler champagne, wine, beer and rum….add a whole bunch of mixers, fun, boys and extreme



and you have our evening!

Now, word got around because I was super excited and told everyone. Oops!

And well my mouth is greatness, simply because NOW, Jenna (who we work with) who is also single and straight up ready to MINGLE, is going to be joining us! (I ADORE JENNA. I know she’ll be a good time!!) AND…well…everyone at work is shimming on in to bagsy themselves a bit of VIP Gold Wrist Band. HAHAHA.

The great thing is that everyone’s out and the best thing is that I’m a huge believer in ‘the more the merrier,’ theory. I like excess in moderation. I mean, as long as they’re up for flirty fun, why not!

So this Saturday, Feb 14th. Valentines day.

We’ll be at Kooky Nightclub in Wakefield, enjoying, sampling and sipping in their SUPER KOOKY VIP BOOTH. I’m blogging all about it, so you know exactly how it felt, smelt and everything in between. πŸ™‚

I can’t wait and well it sort of makes Monday and the Single live fun, as I now have something to look forward to and i’m going to spend the day of lurve with great friends!

Hope you’re Monday feels exciting! Oh and if you’re out and about in Wakefield on ‘V’Day, shimmie down to Kooky and come say ‘HI.’

Chrissie x


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