Uneventful Thursday Straddles


When the highlight of your day was watching an over 80 year old lady, place a tiny plastic, wind up dog, that does flips in front of you every 3 seconds, after she has explained that she has just stood upon her kitchen counter and straddled the sink to wash her *pom pom* curtains..you know you’re either the luckiest girl in the world, or need a better life. Lol. To be honest, i hope that I’m that agile at 80. I’m sure i’ll just be wrapped in 100 leopard print blankets, moaning about life and shouting at butlers to pass me my diamantes, with a crumpet and a cuppa tea. Remind me to straddle kitchen sinks and find joy in wind up dogs. There was almost an innocence to it, that kinda made a chick like moi, smile. 🙂

The rest of the day was Thursday. A ‘nothing to do’ Thursday, at work. The weather is cold. It’s a dodgy time of year. People are trying to embrace ‘Valentines,’ however still can’t be bothered yet.

How was your Thursday?

The end of the day was juiced up by my ‘imaginary friend Jenna’ hitting herself on the head with a lamb, woolen mitt, that was attached to a stick. Four minutes later, i tried to help, but all i did was accidentally hit myself in the face (OH THE FACE) with the lamb woolen mitt, on a stick.

That was about it. I didn’t feel too mentally stimulated or inspired today. but you get days like that, don’t you? In those moments you just have to be grateful that you’re alive and in a better off position that those less fortunate. Lol. (When you’re reaching for ‘those less fortunate’ as a comparison…things aren’t spiffy! (I have wine.)

Y’know how i said, that all girls should treat themselves each week, in order to feel ace. Well i did. I bought myself the ‘Honey love’ lipstick by Man, with a couple eye shadows to make me feel appreciated. 🙂 I never really get chance to give myself a little treat, so it felt good. It doesn’t matter what you ‘treat’ yourself too…as long as it’s something you WANT and not something you NEED.

I’m saving well. Infact, I got super inspired today by a girl, who is so young but manages to save a bunch of dough, because her head is screwed on correctly. It made me set up another savings account up immediately and transfer money into it. Made me feel good and sort of impressed that someone that young could be so smart.

I’ve wrapped up Danielle’s leaving present. (She’s left the work place and i miss her..everything about her. Luckily, it’s her leaving do tomorrow at ‘Malones,’ in Ackworth…so i’ll get to gift her and say ‘bye bye.’)

I’m having a ‘girls night’ with Ruby, she’s brilliant and loving every moment of it. We’ve played, worked, chattered and done warm stew. She bathed and giggled…then I got into the most deliciously warm bath, only to *urk* myself out.

WHAT IS WORST than the moment, you look into your bath and realize that you’re relaxing in a fake tan bath. Lol! That gross moment, where your bath water is tinged with orange…which mixed with bubbles looks swamp water.

I stepped out my fake tan bath and sighed. Then I missed Ben…but i’m excited to see him next! He’s being really productive, so he tells me. See, told you it was positive. Plus, I sure as hell appreciate him more.

We’re texting, we’re missing each other…and life is still great between us.

Right, i’m off to finish wine and chill.

Hope your Thursday was a bit more eventful.

Chrissie x

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