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Afternoon, my gorgeous drips of luxury. I’ve missed you and hate that i haven’t managed to fit in blogs. It pisses me off, just as much as it narks you off too. I mean, you can’t be a blogger who doesn’t blog. But, I have 1 more days of hard work, work and more work, then i have a straight 2 weeks OFF, to blog like a wordy geek on heat and pretty much finally get to tell you everything that is going on in my rather glitzy, but shattered head. I will begin that telling you that the weather report on my phone lies. Why i didn’t just think to look out the goddamn window, i just don’t know? But yeah, I didn’t and went by what my app told me. Stupid app swore down that it would be sunny, so i reached for my little shorts and hoochie top…flip flops of wedginess and everything. Tended to Ruby/Mummy day in Doncaster. Cold as fuck. Windy as can be. I looked like a twat. And obviously because i’m one to be quite overdone and be quite OTT,  i looked even more foolish, like i was trying to hard to be hot! The only way I can describe it…is like those 12 year old gypsy girls who walk around Xscape in Castleford, in their neon belly tops and booty shorts, smeared in too dark fake tan and eyeliner. This morning…i felt like i had been elbowed into such a box…(even though i swear down that I trump all glamour with my own sense of class and ‘ooh laa,) especially when the breakfast line at Debenhams,which was made up of middle aged frumpy women at 10.30am, decided to hate on my booty, with cross faces and stern eyes. I think i’ve naturally got sexy down, even in joggers. (Modest I know. 😉 ) So once done up and if not done right for the occasion, i really can look like a prize donk. I actually don’t mind them hating on me…and mainly because it was funny and Ruby stole the limelight anyhow. Yet, don’t hate on me when you’re stood near BACON. That doesn’t make you win EVER. I’ve always said, if you’re going to get bollocked, fired, dumped or hate on someone mid argument…make sure you look FABULOUS. If you look HOT doing anything..you automatically win. 🙂 If you’re by bacon and you’re middle aged and maybe not dressed to win at life…you’re in danger. 🙂 ( Wow, i really am full of shite.)

But yeah, Ruby/Mummy day went down a treat, except we were both super tired today, so we sort of did everything for a little bit then threw in the towel, agreed to go home, plonk on comfies and chill with warm bottles of milk and cups of tea. Then we made phone calls to beings that comfort us, to make us remember that the world is a safer place and just like that…we were happy. We’ve done shopping lots now. It’s gotten old. Chill time seems perfect right now. In life and be it relationships, friendships, work, family…everything..sometimes you have to change it up, take a full break or do something different in order to appreciate what you once had. It’s not the end of the world, and really just part of being human. The people that still love you, still want you to work for them, still regard you as family, still want to chill even…are the people who truly care. They’ll always be there no matter what. The ones that aren’t never really cared to being with. (I need a massage.)

Okay, so i’ve done a lot of beauty line stuff today. I want an online Christmas Launch and i’m going to to do it right. I’ve designed it all myself etc..and chosen the lashes…created the ins,….the outs…yet even though i lash myself up, i actually don’t know how to apply them on others. That’s bad right? I mean, I lash all the time and I think nothing of it. I find it really easy peasy. Yet, i forget that others struggle. So, when a friend asked me to do hers for her, it felt odd because I didn’t actually know how to, meaning i can do it on myself…yet i can’t apply lashes on others. I don’t like that, so i’m going to learn. I want to be involved in my lash line process 100 percent. I need to be able to apply them on others, guide them correctly, even be able to stand at a pop up lash bar and get lashing people up if i needed to! So, i’m excited!! Learning something you love isn’t really a chore.

I’m working really hard to make everything come together and working really hard to be able to save up, in order to splurge and invest. Yeah, the blog suffers for a little bit for it. Yet…once up and running…i’l be one happy kitten.

So, yes, it’ll all start online and mainly because when you sell to stores, they buy a year head and well i want to begin selling NOW.

I can do it. I’ll love doing it…and well if i do and if it does end up being a success…then i did pretty well for a single mum of two, with a full time day job, din’t I! 😉

Right, i’m off to coffee up, as i have to pick my mum up from work later (she has car issues) and i’m knackered from wearing booty shorts all day.

I only really have today to chill…and recover, because as soon as tomorrow begins…i’m working full on, everyday and for the next  days. BOOM!

Wish me luck.

Coffee here.



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