Tumble Drying & Wanks


I’ve turned quite partial to a bit of tumble drying. I’m an addict and i can’t even begin to stop myself, therefore i’m gonna go with ‘why fight the feeling,’ i have the best tumble drying contents EVER..it’s all soiled panties, baby rompers and Calvin Kleins, all thumpy and slow spin-fest, like a candy store of ‘getting clean.’ I love it, which i find bizarre because i usually find the art of drying anything rather tedious. Maybe because the dryer of tumble does it for me and i get to watch it like a ‘wet to dry’ show?  However, now i will refrain from being a complete loser now. I’m certainly getting right into this hot Glamour Pussy wife role. Keiran loves it because i now have the time to adore him and saunter around in sexy little numbers of ‘hello hubby’ joy, joy. He looked at me last night and told me i was beautiful. There were moments where he simply *paused* and i found my handsome just staring at me, thanking Cupid and looking at me with eyes of pure love. He then took my hand and called me over with a ‘Chrissie’..(we usually talk to each other in baby voices..he said it in his ‘man’ voice, so i knew it was serious.) Anyway, he walked me over, sat me down next to him and with a gentle whisper expressed how much he loved me. We’re really really good right now and i adore being MADLY in love. We’re a family, we’re a team, we’re a magical mist of ‘fairytale,’ i thank the Gods every day for letting him find me..and I thank the Gods every day for my tiny baby RUBY! Life is wonderful. *Performs happy dance here.* If you’re a girl and feel like you are not getting treated correctly by the man who claims to adore you…know that you should never settle for selling yourself short. These days there is never a moment where Keiran does not make me feel completely adored and in return i love him whole heartedly back. I’ve been with some really hidieous boys and right now all i can think about is THANK GOD i fucking left them. We’re in a really happy place of stability now and well i feel like we are the best couple the world has ever seen.

Okay… so this morning i woke up all snuggled up and cosy, the happiest i could ever be! I feel sexy. I feel loved. I am in love and i have a great tan. *Wiggle-wink.* Now, the politically correct version of what happened is ‘snuggled my handsome before he went to the gym.’ But the real version of what went down is that we rolled over and i wanked him off, after a ball squeeze, before he went to the gym for an early morning, achey body work out. 🙂 It’s good to wear your man out before he goes to exert any energy..therefore he’s extra tired and hazy meaning when he’s done ‘doing his do’..all he wants is to come home. Lol. (Keiran’s not like that. He’s mighty reliable and i’ve always enjoyed that about him. We live the Ultimate ‘girl/boy’ roles. This morning he’s lifted heavy things to sculpt his man body into what i call ‘ooh laa’…and i’ve spent the morning bronzing, doing my hair and moisturising my boobs in mirrors. 🙂 )

I don’t really have anything else to report right now because it’s far too early for me to function and i just need to tend to myself. I will tell you that i love you and i will tell you that i am ever so grateful for you following my life…  I’m currently on the sofa wanting a cuppa tea…Keiran’s on his ipad searching for Mini Coopers for me to own as our ‘other little run around.’ Life is really exciting right now…and the fact that it’s going to only get better puts the ‘W’ in my *Wiggle.* (Giggle here.)


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