Mother’s day was wonderful! I took my Mama out for dim sum and dem sum. 🙂 Well…saying that…I took the entire Wunna clan out, including my Dad and my brother…and the babies out for a whole lot of love over chinese food…and it was amazing. To those of you who didn’t spend that day with your Mum, i’m *tut..tutting* at you, as in our family (and I come from an extremely close family,) it’s truly important to make sure you appreciate your folks whilst they’re here, as one day they won’t be, and that’s it, done, you can never ever have them back.

PLUS, I got flowers at work on Friday!!

Totally and utterly MADE MY DAY. I was feeling great on that day anyhow, as it was my first day back of feeling normal. 🙂 So it was almost like a trophy!!! And who brought me flowers! Lisa!! (Our children go to the same school and she comes into my work all the time.) I adored her anyhow, yet now, and because she’s such an amazing person. (I’m a sucker for a good person.) I truly adore her. It was nice to feel appreciated. (Notice, unprompted flowers were given to me by a woman! Not a dude! Women just know what girls need to make them smile. I’m tired of waiting around for guys to think about being thoughtful or romantic. Especially with Me, as flowers is my favourite thing to receive….ever!)

Ruby ended up being really poorly. She was off school yesterday and didn’t get out of bed until 2pm. I laid next to her all day just watching her sleep and waking her up for Calpol doses. It’s hard when Ruby’s ill as she’s the Queen of being independant, so she just likes to get on with it, privately, on her own turf, without any fuss and without anyone around her. When that girl’s your baby, it’s really hard. She’s kinda like Me. So i got it. I just laid there and waited until she asked for help. (She’s gone to school today because she didn’t want to miss the school trip. But to be honest, that rest did her good. She looks perky and well.)

I’m feeling good. I’m feeling appreciated. Need a cuddle though. And i’ve got some kind of flu, i’m sure, as i’m a wee bit groggy, so going back to work today feels urky. I can’t be bothered. I’ve emotionally catapulted around over these last couple weeks. It’s hilarious and stressy all at the same time.

Ben’s texted me, being lovely, with ‘i love yous,’ I don’t really know what he’s been up to, but right now he misses me. Juan Pablo Tweeted me, and whilst I was actually watching him on my telly! I know, crazy right. If you don’t know who that is, he’s the sexiest Bachelor, from the Bachelor…and ex football player. One of my faves, because he’s a single father. I have super respect for all single Daddies, who succeed at the same time. So obviously it was lovely to be acknowledged by him!

Lee the policeman has been lovely. Really comforting, really calm. Like I said, I always enjoy him being around, simply because he makes me feel at peace. (It’s the uniform. Lol.) Whenever he’s pops in at work, it’s always great.

Right now, I’ve got to get ready to go to work. Life is actually good, incase I sound dreary. I’ve quit drinking and partying and i’m just chilling. I’m loving it. I’ve SAVED UP LOADS and now i’m talking LOADS. It’s amazing what you can conjour up in a couple months if you try. Accumulating is easy when you make the executive decision to not spend your hard earned cash of shite. I’m doing super well.

Anyway, i’m off.

Love you lots,

Chrissie x

Happy National WOMENS day!!!



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