True love, First Aid and Babies


Well…well….weeelll! You’re looking at your resident ‘now can do first aid’ kitten of all things glamourous!

I’ve worked all through the bank holiday, i’ve giggled with the children, who have real life inflatable pets that they want me to look after. They walk talk and everything. (The inflatable pets that is.) So, i’ve been sorting out my beauty line, tinkering at my day job (which I actually love,) loving the fruit of my loins, terrifying them with ‘Jack Frost,’ trying to get my new home organized and looking after these inflatable pets. (Ones a GIANT tortoise, the other a ladybird.)

My new neighbour’s are delightful. Not only are they posting ‘Welcome’ cards through my letterbox, like it’s Christmas, but they are also taking my bins out for me. HOW AMAZING. They’re the sweetest folk ever and well i’m happy to be the newest, most glamourous addition to ‘the close.’

Today, life was all about First Aid. I’m rubbish at being helpful, let alone when it concerns your health…so good luck to anyone who actually hurts themselves around me.

But I had to find the place this morning in Wakefield. This is fine, if you’re a normal being with a normal sense of direction. I have a shit sense of direction and don’t know Wakefield that well. I thought I did..but when it’s 8am and you forgot a coat or umbrella, but you’re in red high heeled boots , in the pouring rain, asking your phone for directions and workmen, who really aren’t bothered about helping and ore bothered about helping themselves to an eyeful…you’re in trouble.

That was my 8am.

They told me that I was going in the complete wrong direction. So using my gut instinct, which is phenomenal. (Y’see, i have good ‘life’ skills.) I did the exact opposite to what they told me to. I carried on walking the way I was…and BOOM, within a minute..I was there! The new Wakefield One building. I even got coffee at Create before hand. (Great vibe in Create.)

But yes…sat through the entire lecture and assessment. Gave the kiss of life to rubber dummies, that were called ‘Anne’ and believe it or not ‘Junior.’ Made some new acquaintances. Loved it. Got bored. Passed. Then left.

I was so tired that i needed to visit the Estee Lauder counter to cheer me up. The funny thing was that during my lunch, at a time where I thought I knew no-one, I walked back into Create for a sandwich and who did I bump into…PETE! How funny! I probably embarrassed him a great deal, as i kept taking photos of him because I was in shock and wanted to show Ruby. Lol. He was shy at first and then loved it really. (He works there…so obviously his workmates would’ve been wondered who the hell I was and what the hell I was doing. 🙂 ) I’m good like that.

But it was nice to see a familiar face out of nowhere…Plus, we get on really really well. I’ve known him since he was 11 and he’s always always been super respectful and kind towards me. Even after everything. I like that. I’m a girl who will always prefer a gentleman. I enjoy good people. Kind people. Resilient people. Confident people. People who always… in the end, do the right thing…no matter how rocky it was a ride to get there.

So yes…I can now to First Aid. But to my knowledge, real life is really different to what happens in a course. I’m much better at real life, than I am with a rubber dummy. I mean, it makes me thing my love life must be bad, if the last thing I mouth to mouthed with….was made out of rubber.

I’m being really picker when it comes to my love life. I’m a girl who adores to be treated and taken care of and i don’t really date or flirt. I don’t spread myself thinly and because I don’t have to. 🙂 I feel whole. I have my world, my babies and everything right now. 🙂 I’m happy.

I do miss being in love and being in a relationship and mainly because i’m made for it, believe it or not. I’m made for family life. I love it more than anything. So part of me feels a bit lonely, yet i want to make the right decisions based on love and not based on loneliness. If you love someone, no matter what you always love them. They don’t ever go into friend zone, no matter how hard you push them in that box. Yet you’re true love SHOULD always feel the same.

I’m lucky in life right now, so i’m flattered by my admirers. (I could create an army.) Yet, all i have to do is live, watch, love and observe and the right one will show me that they’re right..and when they’re right, as timing really is everything.

Back to work tomorrow.

Friday…my day off!

I should be getting sofa’s tomorrow, yet of course, I’m not going to be in when they arrive. #annoyingmuch








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