Trout Anyone?

Having a bit of a thinky. I’m working very hard right now writing away about my little whore of a life, and figuring out my path in it. I’ve always tried to take the road far less travelled and make it work for me. It hardly ever does, yet then i’ll trip up, swear like a sailor and find myself on top of this ginormous pot of gold! I’m just lucky, i guess? Or clumsy. I need to up the pace….fall around a bit more.

I often get lazy and i need to stop doing that and start pulling up my frilly socks. Everyone around me, is seeing this bubbling cauldron of glittery potential and trying their absolute hardest to keep me focussed, because as we know i’m quite fond of the little ‘party party ohh-arr.’ I owe it to myself and to them to buckle down and listen to these ‘Smarties.’ Madness is marvellous, however i’m slowly realizing  that there needs to be some sort of punctuation, in order for it to work. Everyone i know who has become hugely successful has dedicated and sacrificed a great deal to earn their position on the Ladder of Greatness. I want to earn mine. I want to stick around. I want to produce interesting works! Things are a changing. I’m fucking growing up and fast! I know what i want, i’m shifting my priorities. I’m loving my life and intend to make my dreams come true!! I’m not gonna get there if i don’t start getting my head down and thundering the effort. I am the Queen if winging everything. I half ass something and  these crazy miracles happen. So maybe if i actually concentrated a little more…beyond miracles may shower upon me? I’m thinking very hard (yes it hurts) and i’m sorting it RIGHT NOW! It’ll all pay off in the end. The only thing i seem to be dedicated to is my blog and that’s because i love it. The Wunna is about to get her ‘Va Voom’ revved up and shoot forward in this little think called life. (Sit back, ‘cos i’m a shit driver!)

I’m also wondering why can’t i stop being a twat? I love all forms of silliness, the art of the ‘jack ass’ the mad cap eccentricities of my being. I can’t stop myself from taking the silly way around. Your carefully walking and i’m bouncing around the block topless on a space hopper.. in diamonds. I have a deep rooted peculiarity of constitution. Which is simply a very decorated way of saying, ‘ I’m a  fucking idiot!’ I do go around branding plenty of people ‘idiots’ yet i justify it by placing myself in that catergory also. I think i’m gonna start being nicer?

I’ve just recieved a message from a gentleman stating he would like to ‘Have a go in my hole.’ I have to put up with this flowery behaviour on a daily basis. It’s a little distracting, yet i guess i bring it on myself. I definitely give out the wrong impression, but again that’s because it humours me. My poor little vagina takes an emotional beat down. It gets more fan mail/hate mail than i do. I think she needs a petting or a cuppa tea. I’m getting a great deal of male attention right now and i do like it, yet it seems my ‘Dome of popularity’ my Mary Poppins (which is odd that i call it that, as it’s also the name i gave to  ginger BBF Laura Meakin in the house,) is something that many a ‘wrong type of’ blokey wants to nail. I don’t mind at all really, as i do on occasion fancy a bit of ‘securing.’ Yet boys you are under the misconception that you venture in a boy and come out a MAN…and probably becuase i bark on about it being that way. Yet really honnies, you just get gunked in girl spunk. Do i smell trout?

Chrissie Wunna

7 thoughts on “Trout Anyone?”

  1. i hope it all works out for u it is good to get your herad down and graft but u got ot also have fun havea booze and a prty rave it up a bit if not u are gonna be all work and no play and we all know that aint worth a wank coz u will be stressed out and lose your zestfulness wich is so appealing babe


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