Tricking and a Treating


This time many moons ago, i remember being dressed as a ‘Horny Devil’ in LA and going out on a date to Hermosa beach with a boy named Dylan who was dressed as ‘Action Man.’ He couldn’t afford to buy me drinks, so kept making me drink out of a hip flask. (I hated it.) We went back to his and a had a bit of a character ‘rumpy.’ Odd, but funny. Then on another occasion i was dressed as a ‘slutty cave girl’ just broken up with my boyfriend Ryan, told i looked like a tranny and stopped my friend from wanting to jump off the roof of a building, because i wanted a mango margarita and ‘killing yourself’ always comes after that! Drink first. Jump later.

Another time, i was not dressed up at all, but in a giant white fur coat and diamonds at The Abbey (a big Gay bar in West hollywood.) The only straight boy, (hot one too) found me, asked if I was dressed as ‘Lil Kim.’ He asked me out after i verbally abused him, (never a good sign) followed me and friends back to mine and ended up in my bed for cuddles. He didn’t have condoms, so i made him literally jump out of my sheets and run miles to the nearest gas station to get some, only for me to be asleep…in fur. He remembered my number by me simply shouting it at him across a crowded room. I’m still impressed by that, to this day. Then i carved pumpkins with my lawyer roomate and his girlfriend and destroyed theirs, as mine had gone a bit wrong. Hahahah…I love my life!! Woohoo!

Another Halloween, i did the West Hollywood carnivale dressed as a belly dancer, and was carried by GAY muscle bound Heros, who worshipped me and sang on cue. I found a husband that night. Lucky really. He got stuck in a Portaloo. (Lol) This time last year i cried in my PJ’s…because i had just got booted off a show. I’m having flashback galore!!

Life is a Wunnaful thing. Live it. Love it. Make your dreams come true my babies! I love you a great deal. Everyone in the world is wishing each other a ‘Happy Halloween.’ It’s bringing us all together and i’m LOVING  it. Hope you have fun!!

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