‘Trials, Tribulations & a whole lot of vino’

Saturday was the most amazing day ever. I’m literally 2 weeks away from a wedding and well last weekend was the only weekend, where Ruby, my mum, dad, Jez (my little brother) and I could actually spend time together before the mad rush of events. There is still so much to organize and well i’m struggling to fit it all in. I felt like i’ve had to do it all on my own and well the last 2 weeks are crucial…to the point where i don’t have time for a ‘hen’ do and simply because i’m not unkind enough to lumber all the arrangements on my poor mum and little Kels, simply for a bit of ‘party-party.’ I know how stressful organizing such an event is (i’ve been through it and going through it) and it’s my responsibility to get it all sorted and well i owe it to them make it all right. I mean, what’s the point in a ‘hen’ do, if the wedding isn’t fully and quite perfectly ticked off as ‘completed.’ They’ve both be sooo amazing and aided my kitten-like self whenever i’ve needed them too…so as a team…and with a lot of effort…we can do it. (I am secretly worried that it won’t all get done and i’ll enter my days before the wedding stressed.)
But yeah…Saturday…amazing. Shopped ’til we dropped we did, my sweethearts. You might not know this about me, but I’m a saver and someone who doesn’t always adore to part with money. I like to collect it, like a grubby little asian miser and even though i’m ever generous…it’s very rare you’ll see me ‘splash’ out the way i could, on something that i don’t feel i need. However, sometimes and in order to keep that smile on ya face, you just need to go out and ‘drop dollar.’ 🙂 And dollies…we did. I myself purchased every little bit of girlie delight i could lay my hands on and for the sake of ‘why not.’ Never underestimate the power of retail therapy. IT WORKS! (I must’ve been feeling down, as it kinda only really works if you need a ‘pick me up.’) However, i didn’t feel down. I felt over the moon and because i’m just in love with Baby Ruby and our bond over the last week has been a solid, giggly stream of innocent laughter. Like I always say, my most important job in life is to guide, teach and unconditionally care for my daughter, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially and well anything that i believe may disturb her well being and especially emotional well being…will be dismissed. You’ve heard me say it a millions times, but i’ll say it again…if i don’t have anything else in this world, i have HER and i would give up everything in this entire world for her. My family and love are the most important things to me and because i completely understand the meaning of life. (God, i’m starving and all i have is a fricking Wham bar, stuffed in my pocket. How 80’s of me.) I’m quite preachy this morning, aren’t I? Lol. I’m blogging… but in the back of my mind, i’m flustered with all the things that i need to organize. #dearyme It’s like i don’t even actually know what i’m writing. (I’ve had a tough night and an emotional morning. A ‘not good’ emotional morning.)
Anyway…i’ll try again…Saturday. Wonderful day out with my glitzy little baby Rubes, which ended up at a jewellers, in order to purchase wedding bands. I’m a massive fan of jewellery and have been since a little girl, where my mum would have a jeweller show up at the house and we would thumb through diamonds, rubies and gemmy like pieces of ‘ooh’..picking what we wanted and enjoying every single moment of it. It was sort of a way my Mum and I bonded. So, on Saturday, my mum decided to bring that bit of ‘memory’ back and pull it out of the dusty closet of ‘fond’ and bring it back to life. After the wedding band ‘tick box,’ she sat brought me over to bright glass boxes filled with diamonds and asked me to choose the pieces of jewellery that i wished to take a look at, as she picked out the pieces that she wished to purchase. Ruby was with us toooo and  it was delightful, as it’s like a ‘passed on’ Wunna tradition…with the girls in our family.
We sat down, tried on rings, measured, flirted with and ‘ooh’ed’ at everything that caught our happy asian eyes for a good 20 minutes. Even Ruby did…bless her. Then as a gift and because i was being rubbish at picking, (i’m a direct girl and one that is very good at knowing what she wants, however when i’m spending someone elses money, i find it rude to choose something for them to buy,) she pointed, nodded at the lady in charge of making us feel special and picked me out a pre-wedding gift from mummy to daughter…which was the most beautiful diamond ring. Big, blingy, yum-yum and now of extreme sentimental value.
That was my Saturday. Bliss.
Sunday didn’t turn out to be as wonderful. Infact this morning was a bit..i mean a lot dodgy too… infact i’m so emotionally exhausted that i don’t even have the energy to blog it. But i’m feeling bullied and like i’m being vented on, which is not any glamour pusses favourite. However, (and it’s always good to look at the positive) i have a wonderful friend..infact all my friends are of the same variety, warm hearted, loving folk…and well i’m realizing that I posess a strength that is beyond me, that i’m very lucky to have. Even though i’m sad…there’s a part of me that is sooo happy and because my inner strength is making me feel powerful. I have my ‘va voom’ in tact…but first i need food. #whambarhereicome I’m shit at my wedding diet. My wobbly bits will never stop wibbling.
ps/ LOVE THE FACT that Rubes has now officially learnt how to wiggle, when she sees something delightful.

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