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Me on the telly, about to ‘whopp out’ my impression of Emma’s singing voice, whilst contemplating ‘whatists’ ankle. Follow me on Twitter (because i only just learnt how to do it….) Thanx for all my messages, i’m getting through them slowly whilst i nurse my shattered Ego, with a bowl of crap noodles and think they are bloody hilarious. You guys aren’t shy, you really open up and tell me everything. Hahaha! You fools!!! I adore it.

I love you deeply My Sexy Munches of Meat! To Twitter and beyond bitches!

Chrissie Wunna xx

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  1. this pic is the bollox chrissie u dont look a happy bunny babe u look like a bulldog chewing a wasp here lol and is something up the other girls bum coz it looks like it from here facial expressions


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