Tottering Along with the ‘bedroom’ in my eyes

I want to sit in a tea cup like Pixie Lott, but i want to be naked and draped in furs and diamonds, whilst being carried by muscle bound heros, who wrongly believe they have a future with the Glamour Puss, as i pout, hair toss and sip my mocha martini under the stars! (Aww, i have the most beautiful kittens. One of them is being rather seductive and licking her lady parts like she KNOW

2 thoughts on “Tottering Along with the ‘bedroom’ in my eyes”

  1. Dear Chrissie…
    i love to read ur blogs……ur so beautifully…….what do u think about sex in public,,,,,coz i like that…

  2. hahah

    Dear Chamila…Although i’m not too partial to sexytime in public, if i have an option…i do adore you and u quite deliciously vivid imagination lol xxxxx Big wiggles


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