Totally count ya blessings….



Feeling GREAT this morning. Feeling strong. Feeling like a lioness and wanting to spread the joy. Right…if you have a bad day, know that the good thing about a bad day is that it doesn’t last forever. It simply lasts, what I call a ‘Hollywood forever’ which is only 24 hours. Get through that 24 hours and have an early night. You wake up to new rules, a new day and a fresh start.

So, obviously I’ve been having a bit of a stressful time, but i’ve risen above it and done all the right things. In the long run, you sort of have to look at life as the ‘big picture,’ meaning the petty bits of goings on, don’t matter. I can moan all I want. But i’m lucky. REALLY lucky and i’m privileged to be able to share my story, feel loved, inspire and work on being the success that I wish to be. There’s room for everyone! And all at the same time as being a Mummy. A lot of people have it a great deal worse. A fraction of them sink. But the majority don’t let the ‘bad time’ get the better of them. They heal, become strong, look at life with fresh eyes and wiggle onward with strength and the best heels imaginable. I guess, what i’m saying is…don’t get eaten up by life. Embrace it, make sure you keep it simple and go make all your dreams come true. Know what matters. Love what matters. Adjust appropriately and know that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you wish!

The first thing is to be positive. Be happy, be positive  and don’t be influenced by others, who don’t know what your heart truly feels. ‘The show’ of how you feel is never as real as ‘on the inside.’

Work hard. 2014 for me is all about working hard. I’m really excited about my lash line and the two auditions have gone well. When I say well…well enough just to get through the next round. There’s only one more round then I’ll know. Fingers crossed.

If I could give you any advice today it would be to give people the benefit of the doubt, because that’s the positive reaction. Go on your initial fly of emotion. That rush that your heart gives you, before your head gets involved and makes you over think everything. Over thinking everything is a waste of time because you’re not living or embracing. Go with the natural flow of what life has thrown at you. Lay firm, solid glitter brcks with those rocks launched.

Remember that you’re strong. Sexy too. But strong. And nothing is the be all and end all. Sometimes things aren’t just black and white.

Dreams come true! Everyday…dreams come true. You can be the success that you want to, even when you think you can’t, you can if you just try. I will be…but hey,I’m just born under lucky stars. 🙂

Don’t hate on people. There’s no point. If you do, they’ll probably make you eat your words, when they finally dangle their own success in your  face and that will feel shitty. Even if they don’t care to dangle it and why would they, once they’ve achieved and hero’ed on. ..know that it will still feel rubbish, if you’ve hated. 🙂

Be beautiful. Live beautifully. If you’re  Mum. (I always say ‘Mum, which is well and truly sexist. But I just am ALL FOR  GIRL POWER.) Adore your kids. I’m missing MY OWN MUM terribly. I’m so used to having her adore me and be around 24/7, that all of a sudden having her gone and not being able to see her or hear her is frightening. But it reminds me of how much I appreciate her. Still can’t wait to have her back. and my dad and baby brother! I have a great family and like I said it reminds me of how large my support system is. I also THANK YOU for all your repeated messages. Whenever things get tough, you all muscle in and always know exactly when I might need ya. Even if I haven’t said.

Things are going well. The past two days though i haven’t gotten much work done, as i’ve quite wrongly focused on things that don’t matter, like ‘drama.’ Fro today, each day I’m going to be productive. I want to make money, in the time that others waste theirs. Or make my dreams come true, simply because i’m blessed with good opportunity.

Be a good person. Do the right things.

Love life.

Ruby is being my ROCK right now, as I remember a time in life when it was just her and I. We leant on each other and she’s my hero. 🙂 We plonked on our comfies early last night and I let her sleep in my bed. She slept the entire night through because she felt safe and I let my mind relax. Early nights ROCK!

I’m happy and healthy and hope you are too.
Love you xxxx

Be sure to count ya blessing, as life is too short not toooo. x

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