Totally been ‘had’


Today, I found out some crazy stuffage. I don’t know why ‘The Gods’ adore me, but they seem to as, they always guide me in the right direction, powered by this amazing gut instinct.

So, i had a niggly feeling about something and the thing about niggly feelings are that they can be more annoying that regular feelings. They’re like the itch, you can quite reach. The important phone call that you JUST miss. Forgetting your umbrella in the rain. Just, all things shitty. Right?

Well, something happened and i had a wee little check..and investigate and to my horror, i found something terrible out. Now, i say ‘terrible’ yet i only mean ‘terrible’ in girl terms, as a lot of people in the world go through actual terrible things. This was just one of those things, that as a chick, you never want to investigate and find out. ๐Ÿ™‚

My gut instinct was right and i weirdly took it really well. I found myself laughing at how trusting i had become, when i should’ve been far more cautious. How stupid I was, simply because i figured most people were of a decent nature. I was a proper, trusting, naive…plonker. HAHA. But it was good, because i re…learnt FAST. I think, i lost that edge about me, that line of caution that I had developed in Hollywood. I’ve been buy. I’ve been happy. I’ve taken people at face value.

However, instead of moaning about it all…i’m just gonna go with ‘touche’….I mean ‘well done,’ top points to you! You had me for a second there. Clever, clever. LOL. The good thing about me is that i am one tough kitten…and so, i’m not a force to be reckoned with, once played with, rolled the wrong way or if i discover nonsense. But yeah…i’ll give them that. Silly, silly me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Knowledge…is always power and right now…i have it.

The whole situation actually made me feel truly grateful for the things that i have going on in life. I know some really tremendous people. I have great beings around me or close to me. I have a fabulous family, filled with love and children. A great job. I’m lucky to work a lot and my own business that is going marvellously!! (Buy Lashes.)

Ugh! Lol. I can’t believe i fell for such easy nonsense. HAHAH.

I’ll tell you ALL bout it at a later date. Just know, that be opened minded, open hearted, yet always operate with a decent enough line of caution.

Right, i’m off to bed.

Big work week.

Chrissie x


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