Totally Aced Monday


I ‘aced’ Monday. It was fun. It was actually fun and not shitty, In a way, it was odd as I felt as though I was filled to the brim with happiness…but I sort of watched in on the lives of others…one who cried over a boy, another who laughed out loud, another who seemed angry and another who felt jealous. All people that I ‘half’ know and when I say ‘half’ know, i mean, I sort of know but don’t know in through and through.

I felt great though EXCEPT today I decided to start my diet and on DAY 1 (and fair enough I only decided to start it when i saw someone eating a tuna salad) I ate a Manchester tart and i’m now at home having a gin and tonic with cucumber. UGH! If i can’t get through ‘DAY 1’ then i’m fucked. I’m feel fat now. This is why going out at times is shit. It makes you have chilli cheese fries at 1am, when you KNOW you don’t need to be eating chilli cheese fries EVER. But whatever, i’ll get my bikini body back….sometime in May. I’m optimistic.

My kicks came! They’re here! I am now the proud owner of a pair of yellow Adidas Supercolours! They are brightest, most embarrassingly cool trainers I have ever seem in my life. They are BRIGHT! Soooooooooooo bright. But I can’t wait to wear them somewhere? I don’t know where as all my outfits are glamour pussy meaning nothing really goes. But I haven’t yet worn them like slippers, like my Supercolour buddy Rich has. So, maybe that’ll be a first.

I’ve also gone on some random ‘being spendy’ spree. Online shopping for me is the devil and for some reason i’m all about cute slogan tshirts and jumpers. It’s crazy. I’m am purchasing them like a demon. Everything from ‘I Poop Glitter’ to ‘Save Water, Drink Champagne.’ Infact, I JUST bought a ‘Head Girl..just kidding’ jumper. I can’t stop. I just need them in my life and forever. Slogans, slogans everywhere. Only cute ones though…like ‘Bitch Please, I ride a unicorn.’ Shit, why haven’t I bought that yet!!!!???!!!

‘Slave boy’ wanted me to make an Amazon wishlist, or to send him links of the things that I wanted from Asos. But I found it faffy and couldn’t be bothered. I already have a wishlist, and i’ve been going through it MYSELF and buying the stuff I want MYSELF. I don’t enjoy anything that’s faffy like copying links and all sorts of other crap. Lol. I’m far too busy distracting myself with more productive things like gin and fun.

I kinda just wanted to spend my time with the babies (who were adorable this evening) so I couldn’t be arsed with all that. It’s not a priority. Its fun. But needs to be made easie. Aren’t potential boys who request to be your ‘slave’ supposed to make life easier and do things for you? Lol. I hate anything faffy. I even hate the faffiness of opening a champagne bottle and that’s luxurious. I just like it poured and given to me. Makes life easier 🙂

Anyway, I got texts from ‘London boy’ today. I sort of miss chatting to him, even via text and i have no clue why? Some chick on Twitter sent me a message today and a link to tell me all about him in an attempt to make him look stupid. But what I can say about people, is that no matter what, us folk…us humans well we do things for lots of different reasons….and we’re all only a phone call, a car crash, a pill, a smile, a hug, a diagnosis, a newfound love, or a broken heart away from being a completely different person. What she told me…i knew already and I knew right from the beginning…but I didn’t care and I didn’t care because I’m just a being who understands people and i focus on what matters rather than the ‘little shit’ that doesn’t. I get why people do things.

I actually spent a long time talking to this guy and for an entire month all day everyday we in my mind, regardless as to what others think…as a human, he’s pretty decent. He’s funny, he’s smart, he works hard and has a whole other real life away from ‘a cover.’ It’s sort f everything no one else sees. Everything is about reading between the lines. I have an odd…but good friendship with ‘London boy.’ It’s actually a shame that I have’t spoken to him in a bit for a catch up.

This Summer I want to have fun. I’m expecting exciting things to happen and waiting for news.

I  only have one more month of work and a week to shimmie through, before i’m off on holiday to the forest with my children. They truly can’t wait, which makes me so excited. I think it’s the more the fact that they get to spend 24/7 with me, in a new place, which is like an adventure to them. They never get that much full on time with me due to work…so when they do and when I DO, as a family, we treasure it.

God, i’ve bought so much online that i need to stop. I have all this random shit coming that I have no clue what i’ve even bought! Lol.

I have a long work week, but I finish early tomorrow AND STOP PRESS… TOMORROW I FINALLY HAVE MY HOUR LONE MASSAGE!






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