Total Wife Material

OMG this is how champion a girlfriend i am. ‘Loverboy’ calls me at 1.30am last night. (Well I called him. Great, i’m already lying and it’s not even night time.) Anyway, yeah i call him for a bit of ‘i love you, sleep tight’ chitter chatter, like ya do. I mean, i do love him and yeah i’d much prefer him to sleep tightly, as opposed to loosely, as ofcourse that could be messy. I’m a Glamour puss that enjoys precision nowadays. Messy Wunna died in 2005. (Of herpes.) *Checks crotch.* As if!! I don’t get herpes. Herpes and the rest of it’s itchy clan, are TERRIFIED of me.

Fuck, i keep getting distracted and rambling on about my privates! (Classy!)

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