Topless tans and showbusiness


What a fabulous last couple of days!! I am LOVING life right now with a panche and a jiggle that the Queen of all glitzy ‘ooh laa’ couldn’t even compete with. I’m not sure whether it’s down to the fact that it’s sunny, or whether it’s because i’ve finally almost got my wiggle together, to the point where i might actually make something of my delicious…sorry…self.

Two days ago was given to the art of topless sunbathing. My handsome hubby to be and I half naked bathed in the garden, with nothing but a smile, a puppy, a wine and a towel…and oh what a day it was! I’m a kitten who will always prefer to tend to a bit of sunbathing topless, due to me hating tan mark triangles in all the wrong places. I don’t need triangles around my nipples, making them look like a target practice…however a triangle around my ‘lady part’ is *sizzle.* I even made cups of tea and ate crisps topless..but that wasn’t to catch the sun, that was simply down to good old cheeky charm and because i have a delicious hubby to be. Keiran loves his little glamour puss and well i certainly adore a whole lot of ‘dream man.’ Oooh laa laa. We laughed, loved and lunched…We cannot believe how well our fairytale is panning out. (‘I’m sooo lucky to have a woman like you.’) Awww…i couldn’t have picked better. What a man! I mean, there was a point where i was just in big cream leopard print frilly knickers, in an updo with a giant odd flower in my hair. I looked like a Benidorm conga line. But nonetheless…he adored me for it.

Yesterday, i was up at 5.30am to groom, get on a train and travel over to London for a day of filming…in neon (again) and by laptop men travellers, who kept glaring at me like they couldn’t decided if i was a tranny or not. I had been soo used to my ‘housewifey’ duties, that work (as in going away to work) popped out of nowhere with a *shock.* I mean, yeah i might of had to elbow laptop men out the way, due to lippy applying on the train, Coach G…yet it was totally worth it. I had an AMAZING DAY. (Obviously, i can’t tell you anything about it…but let me tell you…it was fabulous!)

Poor little Keiran had to live off peanut butter sarnies all day and bags of crisps, due to the absence of his kitten. I ADORE that i’ve now found my inner ‘home maker.’ I mean even Wazza declared that he remembered the day i had nothing but a bowl and a bag of plastic forks in my kitchen. (I also had frozen meat and a old yogurt too, if i remember rightly.) My gorgeous daughter and wonderful hubbster have brought out the best in me. I’m happy, i’m useful and well alongside all the mummy, loving, tumble drying, topless bathing, i actually have the book, the launch, the filming and life to enjoy. It’s almost perfect. I mean anytime your Hollywood nickname was ‘slutty Mc-slut pants’ you are greatness :), however if you managed to take that title, roll it into a glitter ball of ‘ooh laa,’ throw it back out into the world and wiggle it to ‘Goddess’ 🙂 you’re a champion. I feel whole, giggly and like i finally have the foundation i always wanted. A great job, a daughter, a family, love, fun and the perfect most loving man. (He waited at the station for me for an hour until my delyaed train came in. When i finally arrived, all bad extensions in tow. He greeted me at the platform with a huge ‘like in a movie’ cuddle filled with love and cuddles. That’s the kind of man i’ve always wished for. He blows all other gents straight out of the water and i LOVE IT!)

I have quite a lot to do today. As i’ve got a lot to organize. I have the book launch at the weekend. I’m worried, but really there’s nothing i can actually do about it. I’ll just show up wing it and enjoy. Then straight after i have more work, more filming and then THE WEDDING…which i really can’t wait to tinker with! I love that i have a book and i hope that you all buy it, but i ADORE that i have a wedding…because it pins the beginning of a true fairytale.

I better get back to work. I’ve got all this boring admin work to get through that i can’t be arsed with. I’m trying not to get distracted, but sometimes a little ‘steer away’ is what makes the magic happen. I haven’t even done my face yet. I mean i’m literally typing in sunglasses and supergirl shorts! It sounds fit..but it’s not. (Who am i kidding…:)…it’s sooo fit.

I hope to see you at the weekend and well i’ll be blogging about the launch a little bit later! It’s rubbish that i can’t tell you about my ‘yesterday’ but dollies that’s showbusiness. *Wiggle-wink* Make your dreams come true. I love you. x

Thank you for following my life.

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