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Woke up to a human jumping upon my bed ferociously, demanding that i wake and simply due to the fact that they were excited about life. That human wasn’t even my almost 2 year old Ruby (who in her sleep enjoys to sing the ‘Round and round the garden’ nursery rhyme and tell me that the sky is too high for her to reach. Aww. 🙂 Nutty. I’m proud.) Yet, the jumping was performed by my 28 year old husband, who is currently bubbling over with the sincere love of life. He’s brimming over with a positive glow and it’s good to see, as it’s really changing the person he is into an even more delicious version. He’s turned very ‘Disney’ and whole, almost fresh, from the scrumple of yester-year he used to be. Yet, when this boy is ‘Disney,’ he’s LOUD and extremely excitable. If you’ve just woken up, it honestly takes 42 coffees and a tequila, to be able to ride his frequency, even if you don’t want to. However, i prefer him happy, excited and Disney-whole. As when he’s miserable you just want to kick him in the balls, to JLS tracks, or throw champagne bottles at him by Wendy houses. It’s like having a hyperactive….on Smarties….child. When I’m excited…and if it’s a big thing, I’m weirdly calm. Maybe because deep down i expected good things to happen to me. I always just expect good things to happen to me….even if i’ve been a bratt.  It’s never a shock, yet always fills me up with internal jollies.

Y’know, when you’re around happy people, you feel happy. You’re a product of your environment, so hopefully his ‘magic’ will rub off in me and hopefully you’ve all surrounded yourself with goodness and fabulousity. I’m actually, well we all are in Wunna land, learning to be a product of my mind and imagination. I’m the captain of my ship and well at times i need a kick up the old booty, no matter how sexy it becomes and simply to shake the negativity away. I’m naturally an absorber. If you tell me a horrific story, i’ll take it in and think about it for weeks with saddness or despair. If i watch a horror movie, i’m terrified and think i’m being haunted for following years to come. If you’re negative, i take in your problems and make them my own. So nowadays, i reach for my ‘on/off’ button, as much as i can, (which I’m marvellous at now) and i do that, so that I can achieve everything i ever wanted in life. It works. I just have to stick at it more.

You are meant to have an amazing life. You are meant to have everything you love and desire. You are meant to have the greatest relationships, filled with love and all the happiness in the world. So don’t change the natural path of ‘ooh laa.’ Enjoy it. Celebrate it and stop letting bad vibes second guess, tip toe and make you doubt your own abilities. You want true love, you can have it. It’s there. Believe it and take the correct steps toward getting it. You want riches, fame, success, a marvellous career, health…anything really. Make a wish and rocket pack your system, to getting where you want to be. The world really is yours for the taking and there’s always enough to go around.

To be honest, i woke up a little grumpy. Being 5 months pregnant, is wonderful, yet exhausting before ‘wake up’ o clock. Not really because you’re tired, yet because you kind of enjoy nesting in one spot, no matter where that spot may be. Be it the bed. The sofa, Starbucks (which is where i am now) or in the arms of your lover. Keiran’s pectorials are the comfiest place one can nest EVER. Both my daughter and i will vouch for them. Saying that, i’m not sharing them with you, so you can all back off. 🙂 I’m a true glamour puss at heart and behind a feisty exterior, is a doughy, wide eyed love bunny, with both vixen…yes..yet also innocence packaged into one. I love nesting on a pec. I’ve never once nested on his pec and not fallen asleep.

He actually flirted with me from his neck of the sofa yesterday evening. (We don’t actually have different sides of the sofa, as we’re cuddle pusses, who adore a snuggle and a wink….and dropping jelly beans all over the carpet.) However last night, i just so happened to be on the otherside, moaning about how i can feel legs and arms inside my belly, when i bend over. He did sexy eyes, giggles, love faces….then decided to ask me if i wanted a ‘willy’ stuffed in me also? Lovely. Yes, laughter did occur afterward….from him. (I did a ‘don’t be so disgusting’ face at him…with a smile. 😉  He later jokingly asked for a blowjob. Yet I stated that i would only give him one for a treat. Now i KNOW we’re a proper married couple. 🙂 Foreplay for treats, all the way.

Since reading his past inbox, every few hours, he comes up with another comedic line of smutt in order to ‘woo’ me, that will make me cringe…with delight.  However saying that, i did nothing but dream about sex all last night. My preggo libido must be revving up. I want it all the time…backwards, forwards, side to side…all over. But only when i’m asleep. Hahaha. I’ve gone from frigid Pollyanna, to ‘$50 love you longtime.’Sex is much better when you’re an older woman, because you know what you like, how you like it and you’re not afraid to enjoy yourself.

I think it’s because my boobs have grown due to a growing human in my belly and well you all know i had purchased boobs of previous, so now my own boobs are even turning ME on. 🙂 They have a mind of their own and are giggle bundles of bitcherella.  He humped me the other day on the sofa and ravaged them eagerly with a ‘God, they’re so massive.’ He’s a boob man…and fancies girls of the ‘glamour puss’ variety. Yet, i quit nippering on about boobies and sex right now, just incase it is not to your taste. But you get it…Wunna’s libido  has landed. (Plus, i love that he constantly flirts with me. It keeps our relationship young and alive.)

Aside from that, i’ve officially woken up now, intending to work really hard. My phone fucked up on me a moment ago and well life is really great. I’m lucky and happy and want to win the lottery. When i am wallowing merrily in millions, i can then have a big sit down, a cheers and mean it with a wiggle and  a *waa-waa.*

It’s only 3 days now until i find out if my bump is a boy or a girl. Only 6 days until the forest and i’m filled with excited. My life has always been good and it just keeps getting better and i’m really grateful for every little moment of it. Even though i say i can’t believe it, i kinda always knew it would be this way.  I’ve peeked around for success, but now i’m ready to grasp it. But really ready this time and armed with a family. I’m a girl who has always gotten what i wanted and never through evil ways of practice, always with a warm and open sense of love, fun and heart. Yeah…i’ll add ‘diva’ to that. I’m not a force to be messed with and well i watch far too many people let other people walk all over them.

Anyway, we did lunch yesterday. We’re used to great service, but to be honest we did Frankie and Benny’s at Xscape and it was shit. Filled with chavs and people who looked like they couldn’t be bothered to be there. Keiran even cancelled his order, simply because he didn’t like the place. He’s now of ‘noble status’ so to speak and is taking his new title very seriously. 🙂

The rest of the day was spent chilling and winking. Productive in my mind.

All i’m gonna say is, if you’re feeling down, give yourself a shake and get happy. The only real remedy is to bloody CHEER UP. You can make your life pan out exactly the way to want it. So get going, use January as an excuse for new beginnings and love it.

Keiran’s sat opposite me and looking at me like he needs attention. Lol. So i’ve decided to give him his words of wisdom and they are as follows:

Keiran says: ‘Positive thinking, gives positive thoughts, gives positive life.’

(Awww…and who though he was just a pretty face with a good do…….Me. Who knew he’s have a working brain too. 😉 I’m sending him back…as if, i could never date a thicky.)

Now, i’ll leave you with a Tweet i read from Emily’s Twitter.

Apparently, during sex, women are more likely to orgasm, if they are wearing socks!!!

So gets those toes covered chica’s and do it in woolies.

Love you,




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