Too Early for a Write

Dodgey start to the morning, but i think it’s just because i’m not a ‘morning’ person..unless it’s a ‘need to escape before the other person wakes up’ morning person, then ofcourse i’m like a ninja. I’m a great ‘tip-toe sneaker,’ yet for some reason can’t do it without looking like i’m in a silent movie.

Last night, i didn’t get to Mctalky to ‘Latin Lover’ and it felt so bizarro. I guess i’m so used to that ‘before i go to bed’ phone call, where in which i am praised, comforted and loved eternally, that when i don’t have it, i return to my sheets, feeling all odd n lay staring at my ceiling, for a jolly 20 mintues. Waste of time in bed really? I can think of 27 other, BETTER things i could be doing to occupy myself in sheets. Actually, i can’t really.. 27 ‘s a bit much, isn’t it!! (Nothing like a healthy dose of over-exaggeration) Plus, i think i only have 4 good moves that i repeat in rotation. SAD, i know..but they seem to work. (wink, wink!) Purrrrrrrrrr…!

I really need to wake up. I’m shit at blog writing this early. I’ll report later.. OH MY GOD! IT’S SNOWING!!! LIKE FOR REAL!! OMG!! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! Shit, it’s December already!

Chrissie Wunna x

1 thought on “Too Early for a Write”

  1. i know roll on december crack on to the 26th then wahoo thailand here i come. u are lucky to have 4 moves i only have one lol. i hope u have a mustard day chrissie taek care babe tada scratch xxx


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