Toilet Workmen, Nesting & Milk Boobies

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I really don’t like having workmen in the house. Especially toilet workmen, who act all low budget ‘Laurel & Hardy’ and chitter chattery, whilst i’m trying to make crumpets, that have now been left on the side of the kitchen counter, simply so I can hide from them, before they attempt to ask for cups of tea. It’s taking them ages to do one small thing, simply because they keep trying to strike up conversation with me and keep rambling on about their night at the WMC. It feels intrusive and odd and because there’s two of them, who do more chatting then ‘hurry up’ working. I want my tea and crumpets. I don’t care who was at the local pub. Fix the leaky loo please…and quietly. 🙂 *Diva-Central.* I don’t like it when workmen come in and try to become part of your *bubble.* I like them to saunter in, smile, get their tools out and fix the problem pronto…then leave, as I thank, smile and wave them off politely but with a sigh of relief. I’m 9 months pregnant and nesting!  Today i’m having my ‘at home’ day where I tend to the home, make those annoying phone calls that you really can’t be bother to make, organize things for the refurb and wait for deliveries. When you expect your day to ‘just be you’ and you have intruders feeling up your toilet and talking about pies. It’s makes life odd and affects the balance of your world. All I can literally hear from the downstairs toilet is extremely loud BELLY LAUGHTER, chatting and mumbling about nights out. GET MY TOILET FIXED and LEAVE…and simply so I can have crumpets and not feel like a stranger in my own home. Today is going to be a circus.

This morning was lovely. Just as lovely as last night. I woke up with Baby Ruby nestled in my boobs, at peace with the world, as she slept through her alarm and ventured to nursery late, simply because she was so comfy. She had a great day yesterday filled with applause and achievement. I gave her a lot of attention and a whole lot of love and it rocked my bambino’s world no end. Enough for her settle her pretty head, reach to hold my hand and sink into the bed, in utter peace,like she couldn’t possibly be happier. We ADORE HER.

Then my second nightly duties came. I always say that I tend to ‘Little baby’ upstairs, then I tend to ‘Big Baby’ downstairs. (UGH, one the work men has just thundered into my living room and said, ‘I’ve turned all your water off…is that okay?’)

‘Big Baby’ is my lovely hubby Keiran. he’s been through a lot this month, and filled with hard days at work, stress and well just so much to deal with. I like that he see’s me as his happy place now. His place of peace. He comes home to relax and that’s what home should be like. He told me how much he loved me and how he couldn’t believe how our relationship has happened out of nowhere, followed by how we were such a good couple. And we are. he’s my baby. I’m his sweetheart. We never forget that…even when tough times try to make us,which means our bond is strong and completely unconditional because we’re going through nothing but utter real love right now and it’s magical. We giggled and ate snacks together, talked about ‘le bump.’ I tickled his back and stroked his face, as I tucked him in and he snuggled like a little baby boy. (He’s currently having to sleep on the sofa as we wait for the new bed for the refurb. So don’t worry, he’s not in the dog house, in fact far from it. He couldn’t be more perfect right now.)

Before he went to sleep and he laid on his tummy, naked under warm snuggly sheets, with me sat by his side stroking the back of his head for comfort. Poor thing was knackered. He whispered,

‘I love you Christina. Thank you for caring about me and loving me. Thank you for being my wife and looking after me.’

Aww…i could’ve cried, but instead I ‘inside smiled,’kissed his cheek, turned the lights out and snuggled in with Baby Ruby. He just looked like a little boy who always wanted to be loved and had finally found a place or person who cared enough to love him the way he had always wanted to be loved. The funny thing about that is that I feel the exact same way. He’s so romantic and yeah we’ve had our ups and downs, but he’s perfect when it comes to the man that I imagined loving me. I mean, I get poems and cuddles and love letters and flowers and gifts and a man who always understands, even though he fights me on points and yet will never back down from his commitment to the relationship because he’s about always making it work.

Being very pregnant is sort of making us both remember the first time we met and how we dated and how it all got together, so madly. How our paths crossing changed everything immediately and how what we’ve been through or achieved as a couple is the same as 5 years in other people’s relationship. I might have wound him up at times, but the things i’ve stayed true to is that i promised to love him from date one, I promised to stand by him and be his wife , I promised to be the mother of his children, create a wonderful home life, as he did my little girl and I promised to ‘do life’ with him…and all of those things, which  are the things that matter, i’ve followed through on. Having children is so special. The art of creating a family. It really does take you back in time to all the merry moments, well in our case it does, on Jeremy Kyle it’s much different. 🙂 But it’s magical, we’re both really happy, both really emotional right and are privately going over our past journey together and swirling it in rosy tints. I feel like i’m accidentally giving him the greatest gift he could’ve ever wanted in life. To both of us, the greatest gift other than love, would be millions of pounds, but this takes the biscuit, because i’m giving him a son and that’s something that he will have always wanted, to a level of incomprehension. That day, the day we meet our little boy, will be the most exciting day for Rubes (she can’t wait, which is nice) and the most emotional day ever to my hubbilicious. Ater i’ve recovered from the ‘ouchy’ and the drugs have worn off, then it will decide to ‘hit’ me.

(The workmen have just left with an, ‘It’s all fixed, I couldn’t find much leaking, you can’t use our toilet for 24 hours and we’re off to get a cuppa tea.’ Jolly good. GET OUT! 🙂 )

I have my harmony back.

Anyway, in case i’m being far too full on, for those of you who are less romantic than others…i’ll glitz it up for you so you’re not drowning your sorrows to sad love songs…OH and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my good friend Gay Adam, who’s birthday it is today. I haven’t seen him in ages, but I know that he’s driving to Disney land Paris today for his shindig. I wished him well and advised him not to get into any bondage with Fairytale Princes. He put me off that place after he told me that ‘Prince Charming’ was hitting on him and wanting to go on dates with him, to experience the art of S & M. Prince Charming doesn’t come with whips, chains and abuse. He had whispered in my poor Gay friends ear stating that he wanted to be dressed in leather, have Adam place a tight bag over his face, kidnap him and bonk him. WHAT? I knew the French were kinky, but that’s soooo different to the ‘Disney’ I know in Orlando. Euro Disney is just wrong. Saying that, my mum wanted to take the whole family there for Christmas…remind me to stay away from Princes who like bondage. Don’t come at me in ‘Fairytale’ tights and a leather dildo, with a secret gimp mask under your baby blue pinny. I’m ethnic and I’lll think i’m being ATTACKED, not loved on…it’ll make my leg start ’roundhouse kick’ you and everything.

Anyway, i got distracted. Keiran walked in the other day and I was just getting off my phone, after yelling at my mum, in regards to the ‘Pete failing to pick up Rubes’ situation. In my anger, whilst on my phone i had flung my pj bottoms on the living room rug, facing the patio door windows and was about to squeeze on my jeggings..yet hadn’t fully got around to it, as yelling down my phone had got the better of me. I was sat on the sofa phone pressed to my ear, scowling, with only a yellow t-shirt on and no knickers. Lol.

Keiran walked in all smiles, like it was his lucky day. You should’ve seen his utter face of delight. I had to apologise and explain that i didn’t have my vagina out for a ‘welcome home’ party :), i was angry and in the midst of switching bottoms to go get Ruby from nursery. It takes me ages now that i’m preggo to do a costume change. I do at least 3 a day.

Then yesterday, before our big ‘night time on the sofa’ snuggle…well the snuggle had just begun…i told him that at 37 weeks my boobies now had milk in them, so he had to be careful when squeezing them, as he loves a good old squeeze, due to their tenderness and ‘filled with milk’ -ness. For some reason this turned him on. He didn’t say it did, but the fact that he dry humped, squeezed, pulled them out, felt them up, did everything he could at the speed of light…suggested that he was on heat. My boobs were really warm last night and every time i told him to be careful and go steady, he would *nod’ and take no notice.

‘Babe, my boobs are tender and full of milk…STOP squeezing them. Be gentle.”

‘Okay, yeah, yeah babe. I know. I’m sorry.’

But then within 4 seconds flat he’s be MADLY squeezing the life out them, with cave man ‘ugh’ noises.

The above conversation occured at least 40 times and he DIDN’T listen 39 of those 40 times. It was insanity. But he finally got the picture because the boobs that he got out, he simply placed back in feeling all rejected with a moody face. Hahaha. When I asked hin why he was sulking, he simply stated that my boobies were better back in their hidey place, that way he wouldn’t be tempted to squeeze the life out of them. No-one told him to get them out. HE DECIDED TO WHOP THEM OUT ON A WHIM ALL ON HIS OWN! However,  only to find that he couldn’t cope or handle the thought of them being out, that he had to plonk them back in. It was like tucking giant ferrets back in a cage. Men! I think he wants me to be sexy with him, but like I said, it’s a wee bit terrifying for me right now. (I’m getting a weird flashback of Ruby and Keiran doing head stands in the living room yesterday. It’s so funny because they’re both hardcore attention whores and well they hate the other, or anyone in fact stealing their limelight. They tried to out do one another, via the fine art of ‘head balancing.’ This is my world. I used to be a drunk in nipple tassles. 🙂 )

Life is wonderful today. I much calmer now, much happier, the little family is perfect and i’m ready for the new arrival. I can’t wait to start making my dreams come true, i want to decorate my life, for my family in millions and luxury, filled with ‘dreams come true’ and ‘everything they wish for.’




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