Toes, Love, Baby’s and Exes


Morning! We’re on Thursday right?

It’s a great day to be alive, as i’m filled with excitement and *va va voom.* The weather’s a pile of pants though, isn’t it? HOWEVER, yesterday, even though it was chilly, light, sun and happiness, seemed to peek through the clouds for a second. I got out of work at the regular five something o clock and it wasn’t pitch black, freezing cold darkness..and I tell you, it makes all the difference.

Loving life right now. Feeling content. Paid my ‘cheaper than ever’ phone bill! YIpppeee! And I have Junior for the entire rest of the week now, as Keiran’s working and travelling. (I’ve made him sound like a gypsy.) Yesterday a couple hours before pick up, he called my work to say that he was still in Wales and couldn’t pick Junior up. Secretly, my heart filled with glee, as Junior for some awful reason will do anything in his power to not have to venture to his father’s ever? I mean, he’ll even beg PETE to take him, just so he doesn’t go. He’ll pretend to be ill, either before nursery or at nursery, just so i either don’t take him or pick him up, to avoid the ‘Daddy Pick up.’ So, i just spoke to Keiran about it, as it’s not nice for him and simply said, you just need to overlook the things that are going on in your home, to see what could be the problem. He agreed and it made him feel bad. BUT, then he asked if he could send his girlfriend ‘Jade’ to go pick Junior up from nursery. What??? When he’s not at home and I’m off work during pick up time??

I laughed. He immediately knew that i wouldn’t okay that. The moment it flew out of his mouth, he wanted to stuff it back in his mouth. Plus, nursery wouldn’t even okay that. When i’m available and pick up my baby, i will. Plus, I don’t even know Jade. I would never have someone i don’t know pick my baby up. AND those days are about Father/Son bonding. So, if he’s not getting back until 10pm./then obviously, there would be no point. Probably why, Junior doesn’t get why he goes over? Lol

So, I text him and told him that i’m keeping him. And Mum’s you should always make the right decisions for you. Don’t let Men (and Keiran never does it now, but he used to) spurt out ’emotional bullshit’ on you, to try and make you feel bad. If you’re a good mum…and i am. You know what’s right for your baby.

Rant over.

It looks like it’s going to be sunny, but freezing at the same time. Ugh! I talked to Benny for an hour last night. He seemed okay, but down. I filmed three Vlogs on Monday and he’s lost two of them…and we were just chatting about what other’s may be gossiping about. We’re good. We’re in love. He’s just getting back on his feet and finding a job. When he does, i’ll feel better, he’ll feel better…and life will be better.

My hands need moisturizing. My toe separators are sexy. I’m having to walk around with silicone wedged between my big toe and second toe, to stop them from making out. Madness. It kills. But is hilarious. What kind of glamour puss, has to wedge things between her toes, in order to walk normally, without pain, or future bunions. It’s sounds like some hibble hobble, witch story.

I’m off.

I’m at work in fifteen minutes.

Than you for watching my Vlog, i think it’s currently on over five thousand views. xx



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