To the Capital I venture….

Okay, so i’m almost ready to get set and go, well…i mean travel, (not sure why i wanted to sound like an 80’s childrens gameshow) to London for a wee bit of worky and a whole lot of wiggly.

I’m happy, excited and filled with a glittery ‘ooh laa laa’ and mainly because for the rest of the week i get to be ‘entertaining’ for money. A delicious combination that would make any ‘Wunna’ smile.

Rubes is packed up and on her way to nursery. (She adored her surprise toys last night and got all giddy about her toy baby. I’m trying to get her used to a ‘new baby’ situation and well it seems to be working. She picked up the doll and cared for it like it mattered AND even forgot to try on her dress up shoes, as she didn’t feel they were a priority. That is something i will have to change in the far future. However, for now…it works. :))

I’m glad it’s sunny today because it doesn’t half put you in a better mood. I have an easy, calm train journey to London, a lovely hotel night and fun work inbetween that, where i will get to hang out with ‘funny’ people, who make their living out of ‘joking around.’ Then i have a chill day and return travel and a rest up for Thursday, where i will finally get to hang out with the girlies…yet this time when we’re hanging out to film, we’re promo picture taking. I believe there has been mild panic over what people should be wearing. However, luckily we’re gifted with a stylist who will throw us together, a little something, something and do what they always do….match our outfit up to the character that we portray.

Thursday will be FUN. Infact, the best fun ever. Yet, i still have a Tuesday and a Wednesday to get through until it reached that merry old time of ‘hair-toss-pout.’

Life is good right now and i feel glamourously stronger than ever…which simply means fabulous. When you are filled with fabulosity, it radiates from you with a kitten like, champion glow of magic. It’s a deliciously dangerous diamond sprinkle of ‘UMPH.’ It’s attractive. Good things happen to good people…and i’ve always stood by this phrase throughout my entire existance. Even when i haven’t been good,(in my Hollywood days) I have been able to look at that phrase and realize how true it is.

I’m champion these next few days with a glorious wink and a virgin cocktail arm. I’m grabbing my tickets, placing on that faux fur and getting my merry arse to London town baby.

Loving it! (Impressed with my new agents!)



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