Tinsel dipped amazeballs and Plonkers


This is why i’m lucky.

No matter what happens in my life, be it good bad or ugly..and well it’s hardly ever ugly…and simply because I either pick beautiful people to surround me or I roll the dodgy ones in glitter. 🙂 Hurrah!

But yes, i’m lucky because no matter what happens in my life, i am ALWAYS ALWAYS surrounded by love and as tiny as that may seem to folk…it is the biggest thing anyone can ever have in their life. It’s the driven force to being a successful human being. It’s the thing that makes you happy. I have it and i’m surrounded by it always and i mean the unconditional type that is solid, rooted and always there no matter what, be it through friends, family, work, children or…boys. Lol

I’ve had a great year and it seems as thought there’s all these amazing things ahead that I can’t even believe, that i’m just taking this moment to hit ‘pause’ and enjoy it. I’m happy and i’ll admit that I haven’t had much time to smell the roses this year, but right now i can and it’s fucking wrapped in tinsel.

At 34, i can actually look at myself and truly without a doubt know that i’m ace. I’m this wonderful human, who tickles her own fancy, takes great pleasure out of life and the people in it and i’m finally headed in the right direction. (Late bloomer. I can’t even believe it.) I’ve never been happier and i’ve never laughed as hard in my life, than I have in the last couple months. It’s like The Gods shimmied ‘good times’ all over Wunna land and simply because they FINALLY figured i deserved it.

I’ll also say, that in life, it’s important that you work hard for what you want, yet it’s important that you realize when you’re going against your normal grain. Somethings that not right, will always remain not right, without solution and not because it’s devastating yet because it just isn’t suited on you, by you, or for you. It’s just not you.

However, you’ll also find that there  are things that you may think are wrong for you…or the things you run away from, or try to push aside and plonk is some dusted cupboard of ‘yesteryear’…be it a job, a boy, a lifestyle, place or world…Well sometimes, those things are the perfect thing for you…and you just weren’t ready to ‘super kitten’ them and embrace them fully. I mean, some folk need to learn a few more lessons before they get to the finish line, (i’m certainly one of them and i learn them with charm and idiotic laughter..i’m ‘L’ plates all the way) and others just need that little bit more life experience or to adventure away before they settle down into that ‘right thing.’

It’s all about how you’ve developed has a human and timing.

Today, my advice for girls is to NEVER SELL YOURSELF SHORT. Know your worth and don’t let people…especially faff you around..because you’e better than that and they know it. However, sometimes they need to feel mighty due to insecurity, so they tend to faffing, like it’s an art. LOL In life, i’ve been faffed around shit loads and i’ve done the ‘faffing.’ Both ways sucked. (I can’t believe how rude that all sounds. HAHA)

Oh and my other advice to EVERYONE is that it is vitally important that you feel whole and happy enough to not let others piss all over your parade. I get plonkers tinkering into Wunna land all the time, with their loud mouths and ballsy type. However, if they bump into me whilst shopping, or in their real life, which most of them don’t…they treat me like i’m the absolute Queen of the world, LIKE I’VE BIRTHED ALL THEIR CHILDREN AND GIVEN THEM BEER FLAVOURED DIAMONDS.

Last night, i was enjoying life, drinking wine on my birthday and being greatness it all ways that i could and some plonker, who i don’t even know ….so lord knows how he ended up on my friend’s list, as the one that i use is my personal account…out of nowhere and because i called boys ‘yukky’ called me a ‘dumb cunt’ and politely finished it off with a ‘yer and to your face bitch.’

Luckily, he didn’t quite spell it all correctly, which always make me smile after wine. I think he went for ‘ dum cunt’ because i apparently couldn’t come into this world without him and mankind. I thre cyber rocks at him and then he got verbally abused for being rude to woman. That’s TWICE THIS YEAR that i’ve randomly been called a ‘cunt’ by ill mannered boys. Firstly by Keiran’s friend, after i foind out he lied to me..and it’s not my fault they all fashioned crimed on holiday. So manners and Dior are words they don’t quite understand yet. HAHA. (Sorry, i make myself laugh. Maybe I am a cunt?) And the second time was by this ‘Brian’on Facebook, who called me a ‘dum’ one and because i said ‘Boys are yucky, throw rocks at them.’ Did their Mother’s not teach them manners? Did they spend all their time at the pub, sipping ale instead of nurturing their young? I don’t get it? That ‘Brian’ is actually someone’s boyfriend toooooooo! YES!!! So, his girlfriend must have a fabulous time with him when he’s angry and hasn’t got his his tea on time. HAHAHA. Lord help him. Maybe i should run around him with glitter and tickle sticks…or do what everyone does and ‘unfriend’ him for kicks to wind him up.

But yes…i then went back to my wonderful life. Plonkers, plonkers…everywhere!


I have a great day ahead of me….

Love you all soooooooooo much!







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