Thursday’s, Vloggage & Insane Group chatting


Hi, Dolls!

Hope your Thursday wasn’t too shabby. I had a decent one…not too stressy, not too quiet. Just easy going really, which is exactly what you need, in the month of January. If we’re not being ‘easy sailed’ into the New Year, then it sort of makes the journey a little bumpy…and no girl, nor guy enjoys anything bumpy. Plus, I believe that things or situations tend to follow suit. Meaning, if you begin the month in a  ‘dodgy,’ fashion,  it always sort of ends in a ‘dodgy’ fashion. It’s like starting a song, missing the bar that you’re meant to ‘come in’ at, then when you do eventually start singing at the wrong point, you realize.. but you can’t catch up. THEN you make it worse by going for the big note, but you *hit* it with a  giant *dud.* You can never seem to make up for that…Lol. However and as always, the track keeps on going on regardless….

(I’ve just got home, with a very tired Junior. Ben’s still in a mood with me, yet behind his mood, are forgiving eyes. I’m already passed the mode of ‘bickery.’ I’m good like that. I’ll have a rant, then i’m fine. But I did offer him a Wunna hug and he absolutely did refuse it, Lol…with an ‘I’m still in a mood.’ Hopefully, the mist will rise and he’ll get over it…and then he’ll not be laid with a hood on his head, on the sofa. Surely, he’ll forgive me soon? I have boobs and everything??? *Confusion.*)

Anyway, away from that…I’m now looking forward to filming my Vlog videos. I wasn’t really excited before, because i couldn’t find the time to do it as well as I’d hope to and I got all scared about it, so I was pushing it back until I felt ‘okayish.’

Now, I don’t feel so bad, because if I can do anything, i can talk about myself with great ease. 🙂 Let alone the stuff that I love and know about, right? And let’s not get it twisted,  I’m a plank, but it works for me. The only problem is, that I find it hard to anything of that sort seriously. I mean, when I was trying to film my clothing segments for The Clothes Show, I couldn’t keep a straight face because I kept wanting to try and be funny, but with my not very funny, abusive humour. I’m not someone that takes myself seriously, but I very much know that I have this glitzy persona. Which again makes me piss myself laughing.

But after good encouragement from work mates…I can do it now. So, on my day off, i’m going to be filming and posting my first 2 Vlogs, which will be a ‘Get Ready With Me’ Vlog and a ‘What’s in my Beauty Bag’ Vlog. Popular topics and just stuff that I know about. (Like, I know what’s in my beauty bag….which means i can’t go wrong. PLus, I’m better when i *wing* it. It’s just hard for me to not pull out a trowel, an Inflatable Drag Queen or 2) weaves. Lol.  But i’m going to take it as seriously as I can..which isn’t very. 🙂 Yay! )

So, be warned, they’re coming.

Hopefully Ben will film them for me, but if he’s in a mood, then i’ll have to do them myself, which will be a ‘circus.’ A nightmare…a total, utter *Ugh!*

Other than that, I’m ordered new lip balm. You can’t pucker up without great lips. Danielle, let me smell hers. (Her lip balm, not her…. and from that point, i needed it.) I also spent part of the day  chattering to Nick Knight. Nicks great. But he sure as hell can’t work things…like computers…and can’t find things…like Ben. So, in that moment he called on help from Wunna land  and when that happens….things must be hard. (Don’t worry girls, his willy and charm still apparently work, and he’s still very much single. That can be your area of aid…He’ll love you for it.)

I’m currently going through a group chat with THE SINGLE MOST NOTIFICATIONS EVER. If you’re in this group chat, then you KNOW what i’m talking about. It’s between people, who are very well acquainted…yet it sure as hell ‘goes on’ and all it’s about is arrangements for Dodge’s birthday dinner, at the Thai in Pontefract. Lol. It’s literally a notification, every three seconds. I can’t decide home much i like it…I’ve even stopped reading and just skimming, because it’s that’s long and constant. Lol.

‘I’d like the Jungle Curry.’

‘Beef, pork or chicken?’

‘Who’s definitely coming?’

‘You’ve all got pigs heads as in heads like pigs.’

It’s endless… There’s *thumbs up,* swearing and everything

‘I hope you’re all gonna at least watch my Vlog, once I post it. They’ll be plonked on here, simply because I’m more of a blogger, than a vlogger. Expressing myself via written word to me, seems simple. Filming videos all the time, i find hard, but only because it’s more faffy. I’m not good with technology. I’m only good and only like the chatting shit on camera part. It’s a talent. The rest is truly beyond me.

I really hope Thursday as served you well. You’re almost at you’re last working day of the week. (If you work weekends, then I’m sorry. I do, so that’s not a jab. If you don’t work…then Friday is just the same as every day. Yippee.)

I’m going to tend to comfies and wine drinking right now.

So, i’ll love you kittens…and as always leaves ya.


Chrissie x






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