Thursdays, Security, Fans and Love


All’s well Puppies! (Not sure why i’m referring to you all as dogs today? πŸ™‚ But ah well, shit happens. Especially in Wunna land right now, where my loin fruit can’t help but poo everywhere, every morning. Wouldn’t change it for anything in the world though. I have beautiful children and nothing makes me feel happier than being able to say that i’m a Mummy. Rubes gets it all confused and looks at me whilst asking, ‘But are you Mummy, or are you Chrissie, Mummy?’ πŸ™‚ Learning life is endearing when you watch your Mini mee’s have a go at it.

Anyway, I Β love waking up on Thursdays because I seem to get snuggled on a Wednesday, during most of the evening hours. I especially adore my new bedroom at the moment, simply because i’ve adorned the words ‘And they lived happily ever after’ above my headboard, in order to restore my faith in fairytales, love and well just to put it out there, into the universe, in case it’s not listening. Β I’m a big believer in positive statements and images and of the merry fact that if you label something strongly, it naturally blooms into the thing that it has been labelled. Like if you tell a kid how great they are, they will automatically grow up knowing their greatness. Plus, the simple ‘bunny’ in me is romanced by the idea that two lovers will be fast asleep in my bed, under the giant fairytale words, that read a happy ending….and one that doesn’t end with spunk all over your chest, or a $50 payment. πŸ™‚ Well maybe it does? If ya lucky. *Wiggle-Wink.*

See! There you go. Just so you know i’m not lying!

It’s sunny today, so i’m perkier. It keeps trickling down shit bits of rain, but i’m not too bothered by it. I’m focusing on the good. Work is great right now. I’m feeling confident and embracing my worth. But last night someone made a brief inaccurate observation of me and that was in regards to my level of insecurity. It made me wonder how well they knew me because to know me, you’d know that i’m naturally insecure about the normal little things in life. (‘I feel fat today. I feel not ugly today.’) Yet on the whole, believe it or, i’m quite confident, happy and extremely together. I’m a achiever and that’s what makes me feel confident. I was an insecure 20 something, that bloomed into a very strikingly secure *UMPH* of chica… by 30. I don’t take nonsense, disrespect, or foolishness AT ALL without a battle. I know what I want and that is final..with a giggle of course.. πŸ™‚ I have a lot to be proud about and i’ve done a lot in life. That makes me secure and it makes me almost a little big headed at times. (Which is never good. It’s GREAT. πŸ˜‰ )

When talking about security, women and their stance in life and relationships, it doesn’t mean a girls insecure, simply because other members of the female species ‘act’ open minded when it comes to measuring their worth. Emphasis on the word ‘act.’ Men don’t seem to get, that you have to be more careful of women who let you do whatever you want…as their level of security isn’t at strong as you may believe. All women are the same. We only let you get away with things because they feel weak. I know this, i’m a chick. I’ve been there. I’ve felt the most together, when I’ve been the most feistiest kitten on the block. But part of my attractiveness is my ‘UMPH.’ Men don’t usually complain about it, but when they do, they usually later on in life miss it. People need structure in their lives and women are here to give men that structure. Why? Well because we’re good at it. They’re here to love us and protect us. (And lift heavy things.) WE build the structure…and feed them. You can’t put a bunch of men together and expect them to lead and guide each other the right way. They don’t. They end up doing stupid things, Hence why the balance of men and women work. They need us, just as much as we need them. (To lift heavy things. πŸ™‚ )

So yeah, that misjudgment of statement was worrying, because that’s not me at all. I’m actually mildy offended by it. But luckily don’t take things to seriously. It’s all water under the bridge. I’ve been called a lot worse. πŸ™‚ I just don’t look at people and think ‘ooooh noo, they’re better than me, or more than me, or prettier than me or…’ you get my drift. I’m naturally an egomaniac. πŸ™‚ I don’t think like that, because I don’t have to. I’ve lived a full life. I’ve felt successful, i’ve felt beautiful, i’ve felt loved and i’ve felt lucky. I’ve been charming enough to have lots of my dreams come true and well i couldn’t really be anyone else but myself. I love being me. πŸ™‚ As a child all i wanted to do was move to Hollywood and marry a movie star. Ask Wazza. I did that. I’m happy. Pahahah!

So, I might on occasion receive a bundle of ‘hate,’ but i only ever receive it from those who aren’t doing so well themselves. It’s important to judge people correctly because the wrong judgement can make you make the wrong decisions, when it comes to your feelings about that person.

Yesterday was a great day of clearing up. I love throwing things out. You know this, i say it all the time. So i had a good old ‘throw out’ and clean around. Then i gave in to watch music videos and dance in my wardrobe mirror. Had a wine. Enjoyed it. Lip synced for the rest of the afternoon, whilst hoovering.

The good thing about yesterday was that I planned for my future, thoroughly enjoyed my present and then found bits of my past, which humoured me massively. In fact so much, that i posted it..

I mean, look at the below picture!


Firstly, I can’t believe that I actually wore that outfit in Starbucks, for crying out loud IN THE MORNING. Secondly, I can’ t believe that I actually used to have proper, hardcore fans. This was taken in London, by Gay Adam, one hundred times for each and every girl, on each and every one of their cameras, simpyl because they were so excited to meet me. ME! Yeah…ME!

Gay Adam and I had just decided to grab a quick coffee before meeting Rachael, before going to watch George (as in Sampson) on the Britain’s got Talent tour. (I did a cup tea with Susan Boyle.) During coffee a gaggle of girls ran in all giggly because I was in their Starbucks. We did picture taking. I used to love Gay Adam for this because no matter where we went, he’ d have to turn into assistant and the thing is he never complained and never really minded. He was ace at it. A good friend and a good camera man. πŸ™‚ I guess the deal was, he helped me and i showed him a good time. We became brother/sister close from it and still get on to this day. He’s a great guy.

I loved having ‘everywhere I went’ fans. Life was much easier because I could get away with anything. it was an odd time because there was a lot of staring. But a great time because …there was a lot of staring. Plus a lot of people adoring me for no real reason other than Paris Hilton. πŸ™‚

More importantly…THAT DRESS. I must’ve worn that dress out. Gay Adam’s friend Mira remembers me wearing it shopping and to dinner. Lol. AND Katy, who was in acting school with me in LA remembers being jealous of me because I was wearing it in class. Hooolllywooood. LMAO. I loved that dress because I always felt ace in it. I wouldn’t dare be seen in it now…let alone with leg warmers!! JEEPPERS! Hahahah. Those were the days!

Anyway, i’ve got to go because I have a lunch meeting and straight after that i have to purchase bun baking material, simply because I promised Rubes we’d bun bake this evening.

Life is good. Lots of opportunity coming my way. Definitely decided that it’s entertainment that makes me happy.

Good things happen to good people…and people with good hair. πŸ˜‰

PS/ I’m currently very impressed with men and their grand declarations of love. My guy friends have all decided to tell the world how much the adore their girl counter part,which makes me smile. My dad even to this day tells everyone how much he adores my mum. It’s the way it should be. Plus, yesterday I had a guy @skulpture state how ‘cute’ his wife was in every which way…It’s nice to see you all being romantic. It’s the boys that like to pretend that they don’t care about their ‘other halves’ whilst in the company of other boys. Yet the men who can declare it out loudly with their hand on their heart..willy…:) and with a big old proud smile.

Well done Gents! Emotional Evolution!

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