Three Days Off and Romance!

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Let’s roll out the champers and tie streamers to drunks! Lets rejoice to the merry sound of freedom and dance to old Kylie tracks in rhinestone heels. I have soft landed into my ‘W’ is for weekend and i am intending to adore every waking minute of it! (I chilled all night, because i needed to rejuvenate after a long week of worky. 🙂 I know..loser. But you won’ t be saying that when you all look 70 when you’re 40 due to ‘too much party party’ and I’m still rocking life with a wink and the youth of a spring chicken. Rest is your friend. 🙂 Not even only if you work hard. Rest THEN becomes a necessity. Even if you’re a tragic dosser and i don’t like dossers…rest does you the world of good. Try to do ‘dosser’ in the manner of ‘Lady of Leisure’ rather than the cast of Benefits street…that way , you won’t have smokey wrinkles and voices like you’ve had 43 whiskies for breakfast and 100 cigs. 🙂 )

But yes, I am ever so grateful to be on my weekend off. To be honest work wasn’t so bad yesterday, it was amazing…I was only grumbling on about it, as working your day off, always seems more shitty. But i was wrong. It was great and well more than anything, it made me appreciate my night off, knowing that i won’t have to do an early morning wake up call for work and also appreciate the fact that i managed to MAKE money and grant myself three days off in an entire ROW! Yippeee! More streamers! More glitter! More disco dancing with suggestive  ‘ooh’ faces.  (Awful flashback of Scott the LA stripper, who was an din pink speedos in a gay bar, asking me out then? He was so fun and sweet. He was straight and just trying to make a buck. But I just couldn’t take him seriously because he was on all fours, thrusting to The pussycat Dolls, on a platform and in pink speedos. It was ace! Hilarious. And i do feel bad for not taking him on as my won. But really, there is only room for ONE glamour puss in this town. By town, I do mean Wunna land. 🙂 )

The rest of the days off are going to be celebrated by resting, shopping FOR ME. I never get things for myself, it seems. I want a treat and if I can’t have romance..(and i sooo want romance..i sooo want romance) I can just buy myself shit to make me smile. YAY! It’s a win win. I’m also going to get a massage and my hair did.  I’ve been having mini reflexology spurts over the last two evenings and well my legs have been so abused and exhausted…in fact, tight, ouchy and ‘Oooooh,’ that when they were getting massaged and tweaked, my entire body went into ‘pain mode’ for about 2 seconds and then just like that…i passed out in a euphoric state of utter bliss. I’m not kidding, i passed out in what seemed like a drunken stuper of complete, exhaustion and happiness and it was because my body had taken such a physical bashing that it hadn’t been pampered in weeks. 🙂 I’m a glamour puss, my body used to get pampered…DAILY. It was tiring, yet blissful, all at the same time..and that was just MY LEGS! Give me a whole body rub down.

But yes, on the romance front. I don’t really have time for dating, but i do have time for romance and men..oh the men… aren’t fitting the bill because they’re not getting that i’m only going to get pulled if they flourish me with romance and i mean grand displays of romantic, surprising…gestures. I’m over the top anyway…so it’s got to be good. And i don’t like them to feel it out first..HAHAHA…that sounded rude. I mean, in the sense of ‘see if i like them…’ y’know…’play it safe.’ I want bravery, love and surprise FLOWERS. Just flowers  will do for crying out loud. I want a real man who’s gonna know exactly what makes me tick, without me saying and well makes it happen, out of bravery, like some romantic hero of ‘hubba..hubba.’ AND because he wanted and not just because he felt he had too.

I had an awful dream last night, it was of some other girl from the orient, that my mind made up, who was dating my ex…(in my dream of course) and trying to steal my baby. 🙂 I’m feisty in my dreams too. I was so proud of myself. I mean, i can even stick up for myself in when i’m sleeping.

Okay, i’m gonna go and enjoy life for the rest of the day. I’ve got beauty school, business plan and beauty line to conquer during these next days. But first, i must SHOP and try on my new watch that JORD sent me! I haven’t even had time yet.

I’m currently waiting for the AA to fix my car battery and then i’m OFF! Looking forward to covering the Olympia beauty show this year and well hope all those of you, who are swirling around in a ‘Sweetie darling’ of London Fashion Week, are having the BEST TIME EVER.

Air kisses, love and winks.

Wunna x

ps/ A granny stopped me yesterday not to tell me that I was beautiful or to aid her across a busy road, but to ask me if I knew that ‘big place in Leeds, where they held  really big carnivals. Y’kno…it’s really well known for having lots and lots of prostitutes?’ HAHAHA. I love Grannies in Pontefract! I love that she looked around life to find the answer to her question, saw me and thought, ‘Ooh, she’ll know.’




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