This one? That one? Fuck it, let’s drink…


As I’ve just Tweeted! NOTHING FEELS BETTER, than working your pretty little arse off, ALL WEEK LONG, then finally hitting that ‘almost’ there countdown, to the ‘tick, tock’ of a weekend of MERRIMENT.

I haven’t felt this excited in ages, when it’s come to a bit of ‘party party’ and i think it’s because firstly, I adore going out for a jolly old *wiggle wink* with new friends that I think are awesome. We kinda see each other almost every day or through the week, because we all work together, yet we’ve never really properly hung out away from work TOGETHER, in the name of boozy drinks and of course Valentines! PLUS, this week i feel live earnt it. I’ve worked HARD and come home from work, to lash line work and being Mama to my two gorgeous little dumplings. (And I do mean, my children, as I truly don’t talk to bready bits of gravy lump.) My body actually aches from work this week, as i’ve done really really well, so to finally find myself ‘beeping’ my car to ‘unlock,’ flinging my car door open and sliding my booty into the car to drive home for a jolly ‘two days off in a row’ where in which one of those days is all about VIP celebrating…then i’m pretty happy. In fact, not i’m over the moon. It felt amazing and mainly because I was filled with excitement.

We’re all excited. Danielle can’t wait. She showed me her dress over scrambled egg, whilst I burnt m hand on hot water. Jenna worked with me all day and well anytime you’ve gotten over excited and purchased perfect ‘Jenna, in your face’ shirts, that have had the arms sewn on wrong, you know it’s all going to get giddy. The boys are playing it cooly cool…but that’s what young boys do. AND Jo…she’s coming along with us…and well i don’t think i’ve met a more excited or organised human in my life. ๐Ÿ™‚ Its fun! I can’t wait.

So, i’ve got home, run a bath, enjoyed a wine, flicked on some music and decided to try all my dress choices on. I’m shit at trying clothes on because it bored me, however, weirdly not tonight.

I need to stay occupied as Keiran has both babies this evening. I’m up in my room, trying to keep busy and make noise, as every time i saunter down stairs, through the living room, through the dining room and into the kitchen, it all seems soooo empty, quiet and lonely. Wine did the trick and then i rushed back upstairs to my noise, safety zone and happy place.

I’m sort of quite child like. I’m more like a little girl than childish, if you get what I mean. Like Jenna said today, it’s like i’m a 18 year old girl, who is trapped in my 34th year on this earth. Lol. My LA gay friends used to say I was like a giant big gay male, trapped in a HOT ASIAN GIRLS BODY. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m all sparklers, light and diamantes. But i’m warm. I’m not too feisty these days.

I still don’t like watching everyone buy flowers for their wives and girlfriends EVERYWHERE I GO…it makes me feel like I don’t have something that they all do in their lives. Haha. Damn them! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s pretty much true. But whatever, i’m sure i’ll sail through it, in heels and with arm candy, be it a luxury handbag or some ‘handsome.’

But yes, i decided to whop out all my new Celeb Boutique dresses, (another one came today) and try them all on, in front of my mirror, to see which one i could wear and i’m usually really good at this. I’m great at making a decision IMMEDIATELY.

Can’t make a decision or shit.

They’re all amazing, but one. And that one is only not as amazing because it’s too big for me, so i’d have to get it tailored. However, once tailored, it too will be FABULOUS.

I just can’t decided. They all look great on, but give out different messages. One is classy , sexy and booby. One is slutty, clubby…and booby. The other is seductive, classic and booby…and I don’t know what to do??? They’re all just perfect. So it would depend on what kinda image i would want to paint of myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love the seductive classy one, but is it too boring, because the short, boobied, slutty, clubby one is one that nobody can actually get away with unless ‘YOU’VE GOT IT.’ Like not only do you have to have some kind of good body, as it’s very revealing, but you also have to be the MOST CONFIDENT girl on the planet. I mean, at 18, i’d whop that one on in a heartbeat. But at 34, i have to decide if i’m brave enough.

I pondered. I thought. I stopped playing ‘DIVA’ by Beyonce because it makes me make far too ‘gangsta’ decisions. I adore the classy, booby dress as it’s beautiful. Yet if i don’t wear the slutty, clubby lilac one to Kooky…then there really won’t be anywhere else i could wear it? I mean, i reckon i could get away with it on Valentines day, in a club, where we’re cruising the best VIP booth on offer. Right?

The classy booby one, which actually makes my boobs look better, and i feel super comfortable in, i can wear anywhere. I could even wear it on a more low key night or a wedding.

So, after much deliberation and dancing around my ‘without curtain’s bedroom in front of the mirror, to Britney Spears. in diamante heels, i went with slutty and simply to prove that i still got balls! I like it…it’s not ‘beautiful…’ it’s just fun and slutty. It’s clubby. ๐Ÿ™‚ But all still by Celeb Boutique. The other one i can wear when i go see the naked dancing boys in London ‘Forbidden Nights!’

Now, my legs hurt from prancing around my bedroom in heels like i’m in 20 hip hop music videos at once.

But yes. I’m happy. I’m sorted. I’m going with it. I have such difficult life decisions… ๐Ÿ™‚

My Mum’s just popped around, I can hear the main door swing open. (Lol.) I enjoy that my Mum bursts in whenever she wants. I find it hilarious. I don’t mind it, i’m family oriented. Plus, she knows i find nights without Ruby and Junior difficult, so she comes to be my ‘noise.’ ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s what mums are for!

So, I have all of tomorrow to get ready and relax. I’m tanning tonight and doing vino. In the morning, i’m going to buy my babies some Valentines goodies and set them out for them before i leave in the evening.

I’m going to remember TO EAT, so i don’t puke. AND I gonna pop into work to make sure the other girls are all dandy.

Haha…I enjoy how everyone feels odd, or nervous because they have to go out partying with me and i’m going to be dressed like a slut. Hahaha! Jo is hilarious, as she was determind to find a ‘titty top,’ in order to impress! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love it. Just because i’m going ‘slaggy’ doesn’t mean every needs to feel it’s the required dress code. HAHA.

But if you can’t embrace your kitten hood on ‘Singles Night’ on Valentines day when you’re out on the razzle, in your VIP booth and gifted ย lushy booze, then when can you.









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